Barbara Lamb is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist living in Claremont, California. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist. Her specialty is hypnotic regressions with Experiencers regarding extraterrestrial contacts and visitations. She has facilitated over 3000 regressions, and accumulated a substantial amount of insight and information about this phenomenon from her research. She is known as an expert in this spiritual and multi-dimensional ET communication work.

Barbara will join us for the seminar and be available for private sessions. She will be on the Big Island from June 7 to 17, 2007. These life-changing and empowering sessions last for over 2 hours and the cost is US$150. .This is an excellent opportunity for you to understand your personal history regarding your Star Family and their interactions with you since you incarnated on Earth.

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Barbara Lamb, M.S., M.F.T.

Barbara Lamb is a noted authority on the phenomena of ET visitation reports and their treatment, and her work is of great value. We think it is also fascinating, and hope you do too. Some of the subjects she covers include: Different Types of Extraterrestrial Beings, Lifelong Experiences, Transformational Aspects, Moving beyond fear, Working with children, How to Conduct Therapy, Therapy for the Therapist.

Many ancient sources indicate interaction between extra-terrestrials and humans may have been occurring for thousands of years. According to polls, at least five million Americans have had these experiences, and it is a worldwide phenomenon.

Barbara has found that there is often a deeper meaning in these ET encounters. Today people are beginning to realize that the ET/human interaction can be a benevolent one and that the ETs are extremely concerned about the ways in which we are treating our precious earth. They want to help us change the ways of humanity and save our planet before it is too late.

People are aware of the spiritual dimension in their communication with the Star Nations. They may accept the Star people as intermediate beings between themselves and the primal Source of creation, or cosmic consciousness. They liken the ETs to angels, spirit guides, light beings, or enlightened beings. During their visitations they feel that they are returning to their cosmic home, beyond time and space, to an incredibly beautiful realm. They feel joyous, with a changed sense of their own place in the cosmic design, and a heightened sense of awe for the natural world. They come to see our notions of space and time as non-relevant, and sense themselves to be in multiple times and places at the same moment. They may weep with sadness when they leave this realm and return to their uneventful lives on earth, feeling sad due to missing these glorious experiences.

Spiritually aware people can identify with the countless beings beyond space/time. They become aware of the cycles of birth and death on earth and on other planets as well; they become less ego-attached to their present-day personalities and may identify with the benevolent ETs. They often feel a deep relationship to the ET races.

Barbara has trained other psychotherapists and hypnotherapists in using regression therapy for recalling and enjoying experiences with extraterrestrial beings. In addition to her own courses that she teaches, she has conducted trainings for the Association for Past Life Research and Therapies, for the Professional Institute of Regression Therapy and for the Hypnosis Clearing House.

Currently Barbara is writing a book about the many unusual and sometimes similar aspects of the ET contact visitations. She is completing a documentary video production with interviews of 17 of her clients sharing their experiences about these ET beings.

She also appears in a filmed interview on a new DVD production entitled "Progeny" validating women who have experienced reproduction procedures and have had hybrid babies with extraterrestrial beings.

She appeared on FOX News while regressing an individual to a remembrance of an extraterrestrial encounter. In August 2005, she was featured on TV's, History Channel.

Barbara has appeared on National television programs, including Encounter, the Other Side, Hard Copy and The Learning Channel. She has appeared on numerous cable television shows and radio programs. She has published many magazine and journal articles about the extraterrestrial phenomenon. Her internationally acclaimed book about the Crop Circle Phenomenon is a best seller, entitled: Crop Circles Revealed: Language of the Light Symbols.

Barbara is a joyous and positive person who looks forward to swimming with you and the dolphins in the warm Hawaiian waters in June, 2007.

Phone: 909 626 8332