In memory of Serena


Sky Island Ranch Sharas Serena                1991 – 2013


Here are some pictures of our loving and very gentle, Alpha mare, a registered American Mini Horse and mother of many foals, including our 6 year old, Sky Island Ranch Sharas Stardust (Starry).

mom mom

jop jo

Precious looking

Serena was a good example and wonderful leader to the other equine, always demonstrating kindness and wisdom.  She died quietly and painlessly at the Ranch on July 12, 2013.


When she began losing weight while still eating ravenously, the Vet came and X-rayed her lungs.  His diagnosis was cutaneous Lymphosarcoma, a cancer.  We kept Serena close to the ranch house at all times. She would walk from the top of the land to the gardens around the house, keeping herself active. She preferred to stand outside in the rain although she had access to a dry sheltered enclosure.  She seemed to like the feel of the rain on her back and face in the warm Hawaiian climate. We would brush her every day and talk to her and admire her full and lush blonde mane and sweeping tail.  She looked forward to snacks of large, juicy apples each day. As two months passed she called out to her 6 year old filly, Starry, less and less, seeming content to be by herself and with us.  When she could no longer get her legs under her to stand up, the other horses and donkeys came round, to stand quietly with her, sometimes taking breaks to graze, but always leaving one Mini there at Serena’s side as she lay on the grass.


We miss her so much and give thanks for the years she lived here, blessing our land and our guests with her beautiful, gentle presence.  We love you Serena.