Time Travel & Dolphins

When I began swimming among the Hawaiian dolphins in 1988, my first year was an experience of getting to know them and their civilization in the oceans of Earth. Then as time went on and I became completely at home in the water, diving deeply with them and recognizing their sounds, I began to understand their "language."

They were communicating to me and I began to emotionally connect with their tonal and vibrational language. As the messages came in, I knew I was meant to share their story with the world. It was a great pleasure for me to relate and record their history and their knowledge of this planet.

In my first two published Dolphin Connection books, I shared many of the experiences and the messages I received. There was one message that I was reluctant to put in my second book, but the dolphins strongly requested that I include it. With trepidation because I felt the outrageousness of the message would cause my entire body of research with the dolphins to be discredited, I nevertheless, followed their wishes and included their explanation of how and why and when they entered the Earth's time line. It is a fascinating Time Travel story. On page 161 of the book, Dolphins into the Future(1997), you can read the surprising explanation of how the dolphins arrived on Earth. They said they came through A Window in Time.

2jodolsMost people, reading the book could not understand that chapter. They skipped over it and went on to other more easily understood concepts. Over and over again in seminars and speeches I would be questioned about the meaning of that passage. After all, everyone knew the history of dolphins. They had lived here for millions of years; they had even begun as land mammals who then evolved into the water. This was and still is the common belief regarding dolphin evolution.

But these dolphins told me they had arrived around the 1940's; only 80 years ago. How could that be? We had all read the thousands of stories about their history among the Greeks and Romans, the myths and legends, the drawings, Petra glyphs, carvings, statues, artifacts, fossils and more. These were ancient legends regaling their love for humanity and the love of the gods for them. Every child learned about it in their classrooms at school.

But no, the dolphins told me they entered Earth's time line through a Window in Time.

Carefully, very carefully, they chose the perfect place along our horizontal time line and they entered in to help us. They created a vertical intervention, perfectly intercepting our space-time continuum. 

In doing this, they inserted themselves into the oceans of the world all at once. They came in their physical bodies, and they also came with all their created history, entering our belief systems, intact. Into the minds and hearts of all people on planet Earth came the love of the dolphins, along with the knowledge of their interactions with us for hundreds of thousands of years…. The many stories we have come to know and love, BUT the history was one that they structured to fit into our world of evolution and science. To fit into the life patterns and cultural beliefs of earth people and be accepted. And accepted the dolphins were, as many key people unaware that they were experiencing reality over-lays responded to feelings of affinity for dolphins by creating dolphin television programs-such as Flipper, conducting research into dolphin brain physiology and neurology, writing books and building captive pools to entertain and educate the public and bring the joy of the dolphins into human awareness. The dolphins, as multi-dimensional entities, foresaw these events and chose to go ahead with the intervention in an attempt to raise awareness. The dolphins came as teachers, although they wouldn't call themselves that. As we watched them and learned about their altruistic behaviors we learned about their society living in the ocean, which exemplified a life style that was kind, cooperative and healthy. We learned about freedom and living simply in a carefree setting. That lifestyle called to us and made us want to learn more from the dolphins, to get to know them better. And the dolphins were happy to oblige us, vibrationally immersing us in their healing, harmonic sonar and sounds.


Only two decades ago this idea of a vertical intervention on the part of the dolphins seemed quite radical. But now in the 2000s we learn about the experiments with Time-Space journeys and interventions, which are part of the history of mankind. Now I know why the dolphins strongly recommended I write and talk about these concepts. As always, the dolphins are here to help us to open our minds to the larger world around us, to open us to the eroding loss of our freedom and help us move beyond the old programmed paradigms that began to limit us and still inhibit us now.

Science has discovered that Earth is only one of many planets in the Universe.  And as the large telescopes search farther into Space, we learn that our universe is only one universe among many.  In fact we are part of a Multiverse…  Many universes with planets and life forms just like us.

These Multiverses are sometimes called Bubble Universes because they appear to nucleate from each other. It is believed that humans reside on these extra dimensional planets, making us the Children of the Bubble! According to Quantum Physicists, our view of the world has been blown wide open. The information that the dolphins shared with us using sonic images in the ocean, many decades ago, is now part of the new science, and is reported in science journals and mainstream magazines such as Scientific American, Science, Nature, Discovery and Popular Science.

Although chrononauts have time traveled in quantum accessing projects of the U.S. Department of Defense (such as Andrew D. Basiago), these successful and world changing technologies remain mostly classified in military operations as secret projects.  However, the dolphins using a process of Windows in Time (a.k.a. Vertical Intervention) have demonstrated how to time travel and shift dimensions without the need for technology. We are much more than our physical bodies and we are actualizing those advanced spiritual abilities now, entering positive timelines to co-create harmony on Earth. Be aware that your thoughts manifest into your world view. As we swim among the dolphin and whale pods, our hearts and minds are filled with Joy, creating a dolphin-like reality and life.

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