Dolphin Information

For the past nineteen years Joan has been swimming with wild Spinner dolphins in Hawaii. She has witnessed births and come to know the babies. Many of the dolphins we will meet have been Joan's friends for a long time; they have names based on identifying marks and are happy to swim among people. This behavior of the dolphins has grown out of years of developing trust together which continues to be reinforced by the gentle interactions we have with the pods every day. This is a friendship we value and choose to maintain.

The way we interact with dolphins is to become like a dolphin when entering the water. This means mimicking their behavior. ~~~~ If they are joyful and playful, we laugh, dive and somersault with them, if they are quiet, we are meditative and slow with them. When they are quiet, we let them approach us and softly swim among us. We swim in the same direction, trying not to swim directly at them, but alongside them, becoming a member of the pod circling and observing them. Very deep communications occur.

When we meet the dolphins in the warm blue water, we acknowledge them as the masters of the sea and we follow their lead. We enter their world and learn to play and communicate through directed thought frequencies, telepathy and feelings of Love and Gratitude.

Joan will be sharing the latest teachings and multidimensional messages of the dolphins during our days together.

We will have so much FUN!

A Message from Joan Ocean ……..

I have been swimming among and communicating with dolphins and whales for two decades. The cetaceans have made it clear that they want to take us beyond our five senses into our 6th and 7th senses. We can do this. We have all the body, mind and soul capacities to expand into multiple realities that are beautiful and fulfilling. These additional senses teach us about advanced capabilities, telepathy, time travel, invisibility, super-seeing, and fields of refined frequencies of Light where many other civilizations reside. As we progress on our spiritual path, we open to higher consciousness where contact with Beings of Light, the Angelic Realms, the Masters of Wisdom and many other loving souls are available to us for inspiration and counsel. In fact we learn to see with our inner eyes and we are able to perceive them clearly.

I have been in contact with these ultra-dimensional Light Beings and they are encouraging us to open to new realities and to advanced science and biology. We are able to see and experience these other realms now as the frequencies on Earth quicken. It is important to learn to contact these advanced, benevolent people who are ready to assist the Earth and humanity. We can work with them. They welcome us into their frequencies of Light, into their Wisdom and Compassion.

The changes on our planet are actually galactic in nature. They are symbiotic with the other solid and gaseous planets in our system and beyond. The Universe expands into cosmic sigils and hyper dimensional geometry that is interconnected. As we meet with the Andromedans and other Beings of Light we will learn our part in this sacred geometry.

What I have learned from the dolphins, whales and loving Star People is very uplifting and heart opening. It is also very freeing. I met the Source of my guidance, who I am as a person who has a loving relationship with ETS, and why I would choose an assignment like this on our planet. The extrasensory awareness, clarity and relevance to my current life, opened me to the next phase of my spiritual work. I realized how valuable it is to remember our calling especially for those of us who are ET walk-ins, visitors or spiritual leaders/healers.

In the Seminar I will share more about this experience and many others, as we begin to understand the mystery surrounding our dormant memories. Like dolphins we will have the support of our pod, a group of like-minded people, who are deeply interested in meeting and sharing with each other. This work can be the key -- opening you to higher consciousness and an exciting new awareness.

I hope you will choose to take this next step, trusting your guidance to bring you to the dolphins and assisting you to make contact with your ET friends. They are awaiting your invitation for more communication and fascinating exchanges. With the Joy and Wisdom of the dolphins, we will inspire each other and affirm our positive plans that will manifest in Higher Consciousness.

With Love,

Joan Ocean

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