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Neutrino Lights by Jean-Luc Bozzoli

Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis

by  clif high (pioneered in 1993)                           October, 2015   .......covering 2015 - 2029

This process is based on an understanding that all humans are psychic, although the vast majority do nothing to cultivate it as a skill, and are likely unaware of it within themselves.  However they ‘leak’ this prescient information out continuously in their choice of language; intuitively predicting the future.  Predictive Linguistics is the process of using computer software to aggregate vast amounts of written text from the internet by categories. Predictive Linguistics uses emotional quantifiers for each and all words/phrases, discovered/filtered in the aggregation process.

(From JO - In the past, there has been little mention of UFO sightings on Earth in the research of clif high, but this month there is a change.  Here is what clif high found in his brilliant linguistically proven work. Predictions from humanity as a group are revealed in the current data, that we will now begin to see and accept unusual and beautiful phenomena in our skies.)

For more details and extensive factual information about the future, go to: Half Past Human            

Space News




Some of the new sets accruing to the 'sky', and 'solar observations' are gaining support from 'syncopation' and 'oscillation'. These sets are indicating that 'solar flux (ripples across the surface)' will be putting on a show of 'waves' and 'syncopation' over the next year. 

The data sets are showing new growth patterns for a 'visual agenda' that is in support of the 'ufos' and 'break-away civilization' becoming part of the mainstream media 'usual language'.

This shift is showing a number of 'new facts' and 'visual evidence' that will be available. These data sets are also adding support to the sub sets for 'mass sightings' and 'visitations'. The sets are mostly NOT USA Population based, but there are enough references to USA geography to note that the phenomenon will be global. These sets for mass sightings are also filled with language going to 'hundreds' of videos becoming available.

In some of these sets the data suggests that 'land, air, and sea' views/videos of the events will be 'analyzed and hotly debated' as the 'phenomenon of visitation' grows over the rest of the decade. Many of the data sets are also supported by shorter term data sets that seem to be indicating a 'disruptive wave of mass sightings' in the Middle East.  Some of the reports of the sightings will blame it on the 'Mossad', but the sheer volume of the different angle videos will overcome that argument. The disruptive sub set is showing that the 'sightings' will be 'shaking up and disrupting' the 'pursuit of wars' in the area. The idea is further supported by cross links that go over to the Global Population data that terminate in sets  with language about 'pilots (stunned)' and 'overwhelmed' by 'hundreds (of visitors/orbs)'.

The data here would seem to suggest that the disruption of the fighting is not necessarily deliberate so much as the 'appeal of the strange attractant'. These data sets reinforce that idea in other, non war situations in the detail sets that go to this same idea of 'people stopping (whatever) and looking/watching the UFO show overhead' as the 'shiny/shining orbs' will be seen to 'dance with each other' as they 'traveled in flowing rivers'. These sets are also cross linked over to the Terra entity and its 'sun' sub set. These sets are suggesting that there is a solar activity connection to the appearance of the 'floaty things' that will be seen as 'neat, but unsettling'. There are suggestions within the data that alternative media theories will run wild trying to explain the situation.

photo: October, 2015 in Mt Shasta as part of a seminar with Trish Regan and Doug Hackett.


Morphogenic Landing Craft by Jean-Luc Bozzoli