Whale shark greetings from Hawaii,


The largest fish on the planet has been swimming with us lately. These gentle giants are filter-feeders and are harmless to humans. The Whale shark feeds on only the tiniest of ocean organisms – which is plankton!

For some uncanny reason, they seem to be attracted to the sounds of the boat engines. When a new boat arrives on the scene, the curious whale shark floats over to have a look. They have gills and do not need to come to the surface to breathe, but they often stay on the surface among us swimmers for long periods of time. We are always very happy to swim with them as they circle and make eye contact with everyone.


The dolphins continue to share a wealth of educational and inspiring information via their joyful sounds, their body language, tel-empathy, eye contact, peaceful serenity, podliness and playfulness with us. Indeed their sense of humor that fills us with wonder and makes us laugh, is one of their most precious gifts.

World wide, the cetaceans’ interactions with us are always positive. Our open-hearted, smiles and joy bring us together as a group. The water is warm and the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins make us laugh with their close and personal contact. Often we are with pods of 150 dolphins, staying to play. They have devised games to keep us engaged with them….such as these catch-the-leaf games.


Feelings of love, understanding, compassion, integrity, harmony and kindness come into our minds as they swim alongside us. This may be the exact reason you incarnated at this time on this beautiful planet known as Earth Gaia … to swim among the dolphins, to receive their advanced knowledge, to live your life like them; and then to share their wisdom and abilities with others world wide. During this Gathering we will spend many hours in the calm ocean waters with the gentle dolphin pods.  We will learn about their trans-dimensional lives and participate with them in accessing parallel realities, as we Time Travel together. 


We hope to see you here on the Big Island, where the Spinner dolphins initiated contact with us over 30 years ago. With each year, more and more dolphins come to meet us. It is because of our love for them and our respectful attitudes: never reaching out to touch them or startle them, letting them come to us ~~~
And so they do!


Join us this July for a week of happiness!

With Love & Aloha,

Joan Ocean & Jean-Luc Bozzoli



Dolphins: Spinning Us
Into Our New Timeline


July 28 - August 3, 2018 at Sky Island Ranch

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