Whales of the Caribbean, 2005 - Power of Love Pod

©Stewart Turner Power of Love Pod

Baby under mom Baby looking at us

White new born baby, ©Stewart Turner

Female Baby tail Riding on mom's back

Swimming up close, ©Stewart Turner Snorkel party

Bob and Robert Bob presents the whale

Breaching Blow, ©Stewart Turner Captain Stewart

Carolina, ©Stewart TurnerJoan, ©Lisa Denning

Close encounters 1, ©Stewart TurnerClose encounters 2, ©Stewart Turner

Close encounters 3, ©Stewart TurnerClose encounters 4, ©Stewart Turner

Close encounters 5, ©Stewart Turner

Orange glow, ©Stewart TurnerHump at sunset, ©Stewart TurnerUnique dorsal fin, ©Stewart Turner

Hat on the zodiac with captain Gene

Joan and Lisa Joan, Lisa and Angelika

Pamela, ©Stewart Turner Pamela as ET


Robert and Bobbo Robert ready to go

Ruby Sandra

Angelika, ©Stewart Turner Ankie and Levin, ©Stewart Turner

Jim, Bernarda and Levin, ©Stewart Turner Joan with Bernarda, ©Stewart Turner

Joan and Angelika Joan and Jim

Typical sunset, ©Stewart Turner

Levin from Slovenia, ©Stewart Turner Kirsten

Ruby and Joan

Baby with mom Mom with baby

Mom over baby Baby with mom


Under the water look Moving in for a closer look

Lisa and whale Fins and Pecs

Here she comes Lisa in her element

Cruising Strange light in the water

Waving good bye, ©Stewart Turner Bye-bye, ©Stewart Turner