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Aloha my friends,

On the waves of the ocean I send you loving wishes for many Blessings of Goodness and Kindness and Wisdom. The Whales have said they beam messages to receptive people. In the pristine waters of the South Pacific, the gentle Humpbacks welcome us and greet us each year. If you would like to join us, we have spaces available in our week-long retreats, where the Humpback whales reside offshore of the tropical islands. The whales quietly welcome us into our common ocean home.

In the warm tropics gentle, caring people, join the friendly whales in their habitat. The whales know us well. They look forward to our reunion, as they have for the past ten years. I am convinced of it. I have observed their deep and open interactions with kind swimmers who float silently and communicate with them mind to mind. Each year the whales impart to us, new and life-enhancing wisdom. We are grateful for their Presence in our lives.

As we live together in thatched hales on the beach and travel on boats, above the shallow reefs, we patiently await our whale friends. It is always their choice when they visit us. They share their lives with us as we observe the babies, the escorts, the moms and the bulls. We witness how loving they are with each other and with us. We experience the soothing frequencies of the Singers. It is an ideal setting for Deep Communication. In our sleep at night, the whales surround us with their sounds. These sounds enter our dream states, taking us to Higher Consciousness ...... to Whale Consciousness.
We feel nurtured, renewed, healthy and alive as we enter these States with the whales. How do the whales affect our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being? One explanation is their use of INFRASOUND.

INFRASOUND is still a relatively new science --- especially INFRASOUND that is of a biological origin. Non-biological sources of INFRASOUND abound, including thunder, air turbulence, volcanoes, earthquakes, jet engines, waves and ships in the ocean to name a few. INFRASOUND waves hug the ground, travel for long distances without losing strength, and are unstoppable. There are presently Hydroacoustic Stations located around the world detecting low frequency sound waves.

These INFRASONIC WAVES are sound waves so low in frequency that the human ear cannot detect them. Human ears detect sounds in the frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hertz (cycles per second.) Anything below 20 Hz is defined as INFRASOUND, which although not heard, is experienced in the form of pure vibrations. The whales create these pure vibrations that we cannot hear, but our body and our senses experience them on many levels. The whales are sending us very loving frequencies.

Other animals, such as giraffes and elephants use INFRASOUND to communicate over thousands of miles, while lions use it to stun or paralyze prey. Whales use BIOLOGICAL INFRASOUND to effect the environment, emanating waves of calmness and peacefulness. I have been in the presence of these soundwaves that are creating environments of harmony, and eliciting emotions of well-being. This can be experienced while swimming among dolphin and whale families when they accept you into their pods.

The whales are experts at sharing the frequencies we identify as love, sending them into an area and helping people to remain calm and joyful. I often hear stories of fishermen and environmentalists helping to release whales caught in nets. After these encounters the people are changed by the interaction. Having eye contact with the whale, floating next to them, touching them, these people are being affected by the resonant frequency emanating silently from the whale. I believe the whales use their INFRASOUND to help people relax and experience harmony in the water.

The term BIOLOGICAL INFRASOUND means we can make these vibrations with our bodies. These waves can be produced spiritually by people who are trained to do this. Some scientists believe that in our path of evolution, we are on a track to learn this ability and use it consciously. The dolphins and whales are demonstrating this to us, as we join them in the ocean. To see rare footage of people and whales swimming together in the ocean, check out the DVD entitled, Humpback Whales with Joan Ocean, now available on the Dolphin Connection website Gift Shop.


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