Quantum merging, sacred wisdom societies and the teleportation sea. Interview with Joan Ocean, Dolphin Connection International by Willi Paul. Co-Presented by PlanetShifter.com Magazine & openmythsource.com

"What you believe is what you create and what guides your choices in life."

“The 2011 Dolphins & Teleportation Symposium will include interspatial communication, quantum merging, E.T contact, teleportation to Mars, swimming in gentle waters with dolphins, sound healing, heart opening, cell activating, soul leadership, your planetary mission, laughter and humor, divine feminine, Geomancy, higher consciousness, the transformation of the ages, sacred wisdom societies, Martian life & artifacts, creating new timelines, mysticism and physics, empathy, intuition and creativity combined with logic and wisdom; PLUS Alternative 4 - the benevolent, peaceful reality we are creating.”

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What can you tell us about your “evolving paradigm for 2012 in harmony with Earth?”

The Evolving Paradigm for 2012 in harmony with Earth: This is a wonderful work in progress and it involves all of us. It has already begun and it will continue for many more years. It creates changes on Earth that relate to a new way of being and perceiving. How is it different from what has always taken place on Earth? Evolution? Discoveries? Inventions? Changes? In the past, the paradigms (historical, evolutionary, etc) evolved without the level of awareness and compassion people are feeling now. The people who I know and who will be attending the Teleportation Symposium are people who care about all life. They care about people and seek ways to communicate and cooperate and to understand other cultures and civilizations. These people with their broader and altruistic outlook and behavior are changing the world for the better. This growing majority of people care about the health of the Earth and in whatever small way they can, they contribute by recycling, preventing damage to the Earth, protecting her- the oceans and the atmosphere, provide education to assist people in understanding the needs of our Earth, provide spiritual contact with the consciousness of the Earth and promote advanced benevolent research to place our Earth in context within the larger solar system, within her natural cycles, and by their example make the world a kinder, peaceful place to live.

Who are the good guys and the bad guys?

I don’t think of good guys and bad guys, I only think of some people who are very loving at heart, but have had no education about the necessity to care for the Earth. You could say we are co-creators rather than rulers over the Earth. We depend on the Earth for the air we breathe and now with understanding, we plan to take good care of her.

Do you know Dr. John Lilly’s work? What still excites you about dolphin – human communications?

Yes, Dr. John Lilly was instrumental in beginning my communication with the dolphins in 1976. When I met him I was impressed by his vast knowledge of the physiology of the brain and his willingness to accept dolphins as sentient beings, but more than that, I felt his love for the dolphins, the wise and kind cetaceans in our oceans. His contact with them and the way he communicated it to me, touched my heart and sparked my interest in learning more about them. For a while, Dr. Lilly lived on the Big Island and he came every day to my home to sit by the ocean, watch the dolphins, smoke cigarettes, drink lemonade and read many books. We remained friends until he died in 2001, having spoken at many Conferences together in Hawaii and Australia.

I am still incredibly excited about bringing people to meet the dolphins. Why is that? There is a longing in people to have that contact. Perhaps you have noticed it. As I travel to many different countries, I am always impressed by the numbers of people in various cultures and nations who feel a great love and interest in dolphins and whales. It is not just a passing fancy or a desire for a short-lived encounter. These people feel a deep, soul connection to the dolphins. As a Counseling Psychologist, this attraction is of interest to me. At the same time, I understand it because I myself experience it. As you may know I was a non-swimmer when I met Dr. Lilly in my thirties. Then this inexplicable desire to meet the dolphins in their own habitat caused me to learn to swim when I was 44 years old and dedicate the rest of my life to this research.

When people meet the Spinner and Spotted dolphins in the ocean their lives change for the better. They make decisions they felt helpless to make before. They are inspired and renewed. Often people move to new locations to be close to nature, away from cities, they feel more love for their families, they want to assist the oceans and the land, they understand other people/cultures/ beliefs/themselves much more. It is a heart opening experience that is exactly what the world needs now. And by that I mean: the dolphins stimulate more love and a desire to live in harmony among the gentle swimmers who join them in the ocean.
I continue to learn many things from the dolphins and to be the human subject, I believe, of their research as well. I consider them to be highly intelligent mammals and beings of Wisdom. (Wisdom is defined by me as Knowledge that is useful, beneficial and includes kindness.) I enjoy observing their interactive behaviors with people and the lessons they instill by their lifestyle. The feedback I receive from people and the continued presence of the dolphins in Hawaii where they have chosen to swim with the people for 23 years so far, has inspired and excited me, day after day.

Just a couple of months ago I received from the dolphins new information about how they successfully communicate with us. It goes beyond holograms and telepathy and is very clear. However that will wait for another Interview.

Why do you consider the dolphin swimming behavior as a “tranquil, trance-like state?”

Not all dolphin swimming behavior is tranquil. Not at all! Sometimes we are wildly playful, diving, catching leaves, racing together, spinning and even singing. And from my experience, the dolphins are communicating at times such as that as well. But the phrase above (tranquil, trance-like state) relates to some of their very specific behaviors while interacting with us. We have a Protocol or an etiquette we follow in swimming with oceanic dolphins which includes many courteous behaviors and one of the most important is that we follow their lead in how we present ourselves in their midst. On the days when they are quiet and communicating softly, they welcome us into their pod so long as we behave the same way as the rest of the pod. (Without their permission it would not be possible to swim among them – they can swim 25 miles per hour, we can only swim 2 or 3 mph.) On days where we share ‘tranquil, trance-like states’ we find ourselves becoming very quiet alongside them. We breathe softly and swim smoothly, maintaining eye contact with the dolphins on our left and our right. When we continue to do that for more than an hour at a time, I find that I am in an altered state of awareness. What does that mean? My metabolism is slow, I feel peaceful, all worries and thoughts are gone from my mind, yet I am highly aware of the feel of the ocean on my skin, the sounds of the fish nibbling on the coral, the waves lapping against my ears, my arms at my sides, my legs propelling me forward with a slow, steady rhythm… I am in a feeling-state of awareness. I am totally relaxed, safe, comfortable with the dolphins by my side. In this state I find that I can easily receive communications from them.

Isn’t this to impose human characteristics on non-human beings? Anthropomorphism?

For many years I was extremely careful about Anthropomorphism, having had a double major at the University, one of which was Anthropology, which taught me not to place current American ideas onto ancient or present cultures. I am still careful not to do that. But I also have had over 20 thousand hours of time in the oceans with the dolphin pods and so I have learned a lot. It doesn’t help anyone if I keep all that information in my head, unduly worried that I might misconstrue what they are sending. After twenty five years of living with them, I know the dolphins well enough to represent them honestly and with integrity. The reason the dolphins are communicating with me, I believe, is because they want their messages to be heard. That is one of my jobs which I am happy to do. So yes, I am very careful to represent them well.

What is “Oneness?”

Oneness is a Feeling or vibration of being connected to everyone and everything around you in the most loving, altruistic way. It is a field of harmony and contentment, so strong that you can feel its soothing vibrations around you when you allow yourself to open to it. Perhaps you have experienced it in a meditation with a group of meditators. I believe it is our true, natural state, but all the worries and activities of the world often keep us apart from Oneness with each other. The dolphins however do not have these materialistic concerns that the human race has. Not to say they have nothing to contend with. Of course they have many man-made challenges in their home environment. But they keep their priorities in order and they can still maintain a field of Oneness with us humans, and with all life in the oceans (they swim in friendship with sharks in their shared environment) while maintaining Oneness.

Please explain what you mean by dolphins living with “synchronicity and divine guidance?”

This phrase, “synchronicity and divine guidance” as it is used on my website about the Teleportation Symposium is referring to the people who will be the Speakers, not the dolphins. I always use the word “divine” with care, because it means different things to different people. However I used it to refer to the Symposium’s 3 keynote speakers because of the synchronous way they were brought together to share and support their knowledge of Time Travel and civilizations underground on the planet Mars. I do believe that divine guidance works in our lives and I also am aware that people are experiencing many synchronous events and encounters lately. More so than in the past, I would say. And just as I was fascinated about the unfolding of these individual lives of our Speakers in a common purpose of humanitarian work, I felt other people reading that, would also find it intriguing. I believe there is a higher Source that relates to us and cares about our relationship to each other, the world and the universe. Perhaps it is a manifestation of our higher, loving energies. Divine guidance is available to all of us if we are paying attention.

"Dolphins restore our faith in humanity with their compassion and joy."
What is the "calling" or mission of dolphins?

This is an interesting question since I doubt the dolphins would call it a mission. When you learn about dolphins, you begin to notice that they accept what comes to them. They are “allowing’. And so why are they here on Earth in the oceans, allowing themselves to be captured, staying alive in terrible captive conditions to amuse and touch the hearts of people, being killed in nets and by the US Navy sonar arrays, by sound pollution, oil pollution, trash, temperature changes in the ocean, lack of food to eat, contaminated food and man-enhanced earth changes? Why? My research indicates in this small part of the world, where the Hawaiian Spinners live, that their numbers are now increasing after a huge die off from fishing nets. Why are they staying? Since I believe like most educated cetacean researchers that the dolphins are intelligent, they are making decisions for their own lives and their pods. So far they are deciding to stay, although all they need do is shut down their blow hole to stop breathing and end their life if it does not suit them. They are staying so far. What is their purpose? Do they have a purpose? Maybe it is just about fun. They will stay as long as they are still enjoying themselves.
This does express my human opinion here, but I think, besides having fun, they do understand their altruistic purposes on Earth. I think they are here to help us. To bring love and kindness to us in the face of all that has been done to them. They return only love to us. Can we do that too with each other?

In our world where people kill people for no reason, the dolphins restore our faith in humanity with their compassion and joy. The definition of Altruism applies to the dolphins: Unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others; also a behavior that is not beneficial to or may be harmful to oneself but that benefits others.

What is your role in Alternative 4?

Alternative 4 is a phrase I learned while researching Symposium speakers I would choose to present at the teleportation gathering in June. Alfred Webre and Laura Eisenhower were talking about Alternative 4 during Internet interviews. To understand it, I first needed to study the terms Alternative 1, 2 and 3. These terms, related to political plans for Earth and described in detail on the Internet, are very negative life choices for humanity and not ones that most of us would choose. Therefore another solution that is more appropriate and ethical was put forward by our Symposium Speakers. It is Alternative 4.

Alternative 4 recommends Sustainable Living as the best choice for our continuing civilization on Earth. In my role with sustainable living, I am learning about it personally and living it in my life on the Big Island where my home is powered by the sun and the food I eat grows in my garden. The water I use comes from rain and any product packaging is recycled to use for other purposes. For example, my wall to wall carpeting in my sun room is made from discarded, recycled plastic bottles. No one would guess it. It is beautiful, white and soft. This is how we can live on Earth. Everything in its original form was from the Earth and it can be returned to the Earth without damage if it is done correctly.

Do you believe in God?

Yes, I believe in God/Goddess.

Is this same singular entity for all Earth beings?

Some people believe it is One and the same, some people do not believe that. They may think their God is a different one, from the God others know. What you believe is what you create and what guides your choices in life. A belief in a loving God can be very inspiring and supportive for most people, whether that God is known as the Source, the vibrational frequency of all people combined, a grandfatherly image with a beard or a historical divine being. It is helpful to see the love of God in every living thing on Earth and beyond.

Can you give us direct or indirect support proof of teleportation, or time travel, to Mars or anywhere else?

This is why I decided to convene the Dolphin and Teleportation Symposium. It was because I found what I consider proof of time travel and life on Mars. Because of my unique experiences with the dolphins in the ocean in the 1990’s, I personally became aware of the ability to ‘time travel’ when I am with them. This piqued my interest, but there was very little actual information about that subject except in science fiction. When I heard the documented experiences of Andrew Basiago with extensive detailed information about his personal experiences of time travel via the chronovisor, 3rd and 4th dimensional holograms, remote viewing and most importantly physical journeys into the future and the past, I felt it was important that as many people as possible hear about his experiences.

You see, I believe many of the technological break-throughs developed in laboratories by scientists using equipment, computers, crystals, directed electromagnetic powers, coils and artificially designed stargates, can be accessed more easily with natural Earth energies in the way of many aboriginal tribes and advanced spiritual elders in many countries. Using meditation, the loving energies of a group in the way of the dolphin pods, spiraling frequencies in the form of music and in the form of a sacred spiraling fire, Earth’s peaking biorhythms and energy portals, the salt crystals in the ocean, psychic abilities, spiritual chanting and the assistance of Celestials or Guides, we can begin to explore this capability in a way that will not harm the Earth or anyone. We already know that Seers, Avatars and Masters can change their vibrational frequencies. We have information about their ability to bilocate, trilocate and quadruplicate. Do you want to learn about these things? I do. I think ultimately, these skills will help the human race to find unity among ourselves; learning to expand our self image and explore wonderful new realms. We are already venturing into another environment that requires special equipment for breathing and remaining there for hours at a time, without ill effects. That is the ocean.

Time Travel is also possible and once it is removed from a classified status, it will foster an entire field of enlightening research and experiences for the human race. This technology developed in the 1960s and 70s is a wonderful achievement. Already we have many credentialed whistle blowers who bring forth their detailed experiences of having done this. People such as Michael Relke (20 years in the military on Mars, time traveled), Al Bielek (involved in teleportation quantum access work for nearly a century including the position of head engineer for the Philadelphia Experiment and living dual timelines. He physically time traveled to Mars with his brother), Arthur Neumann (Department of Defense – attended meetings on Mars), Dr. Courtney Brown (Founder of the Farsight Institute - extensive remote viewing of Mars which corroborates the testimony of those who traveled there), Andrew Basiago (attorney in Washington state, the first American child to time travel, including physical trips to the past, the future and to Mars while involved in Project Pegasus, an advanced research organization of the Department of Defense known as D.A.R.P.A.) Andrew has stated: Imagine a world in which one could jump through GRAND CENTRAL TELEPORT in New York City, travel through a tunnel in the time-space continuum, and emerge several seconds later at UNION TELEPORT in Los Angeles. Such a world has been possible since 1967-68 when teleportation was first achieved by DARPA’s Project Pegasus.

It is time to release that information and bring the world into the Time-Space Age. It will have many benefits for the Earth when we do, such as no more need for fossil fuels.

How is the Internet part of the changes you foresee on the planet?

The Internet has brought the people of the world together. This international communication technology lends itself to understanding and tolerance through education and personal contact. I am in contact with people in countries and distant locations of the Earth, nearly instantaneously, and it is available to everyone.

The Internet teaches us to be discerning. This is also something we have learned from the dolphins. One of their greatest gifts to humanity is the art of understanding frequencies. What I mean by that is -- the dolphins are big and strong, live in a different environment than we do, look differently than us, have a mouth full of powerful teeth, weigh twice as much as we do, swim 9 times faster than we do, communicate differently, are the masters of their ocean world in which we are fragile guests and can out think us and out maneuver us by choice, but for some irrational reason, we trust them and enter the ocean to swim to them. Why? They don’t look very different from sharks, you know.

We have come to love and trust the dolphins because of their loving nature. How do we know they have a loving nature when most people have never met them in person? We have been educated to like them and also when we do swim with them, we can feel their gentle frequency like those of the Humpback whales and other cetaceans. Once we meet them in person, we GET who they are. They are not dangerous.

We are also learning to know people by the emanations of their heart. The heart doesn’t lie. And so it is with the Internet, it is an opportunity to hear words, see faces, listen, and then tune into our deepest feelings to determine the sincerity or insincerity of everyone who presents on the Internet. It is a great tool for that. The more you use your intuition, the more perceptive you become. I like to dream of the day when the Internet suddenly ceases to function, but by then, we won’t even need it. We will go on communicating with each other all over the world and in our home towns, with our families, using our telepathic abilities. The Internet is leading the way to that belief system. It is a miraculous invention which will then allow the reality of communicating non-linearly to each other, to manifest. Believe It!!

Do the Mayan and Aquarians prophesies play a role in your vision?

I am not familiar with the Aquarian prophecies but I certainly value the authentic Mayan history and words of wisdom. I believe they had some of the abilities we are talking about here: telepathy, time travel, contact with other realms and interstellar peoples. We can learn a lot from them and I for one, am doing that.