In writing these Sasquatch Journals about my personal experiences, I have chosen a few of the experiences shared in the groups. There are many more fascinating experiences that occur in these mystical woods that are not included in these stories here on the Internet. Because of the advanced metaphysical nature of these events, they are reserved for relating in person.
- Joan Ocean

October, 2008

It is our first night in the woods. We are setting up our lawn chairs when a large white light appears. It is among the trees to the east (behind Meghan). Located about 15-20 feet high, it is nearly as big as a soccer ball and moving quickly. I wonder if we have startled it. I quickly tell everyone to look. Only Barbara and Meghan see it before it glides away deeper into the woods.

As we sit quietly around the embers of the fire, there are many things to look at tonight. The moon is full and high, shafts of moonlight flicker between the trees. A thick mist surrounds us. Now we see a small bluish-white globe of flickering light circling us in the forest. This white light being often comes to greet us.

Sitting around the fire and looking into the woods, I see two large trees standing alongside each other 12 feet apart. In the dark they look like pillars of a doorway. In between them appears an entry to another world. I am reminded of points of contact that open onto our world from other dimensions. It relates to a fundamental knowledge of the earth's subtle energies. What the Hopi call Sipapuni -- A place for accessing spaces unimaginable to most people. The Native American people of the Northwest believe that Sasquatch can pass from one world to another. They apparently know how to access the portals beyond what we think of as normal space-time parameters. This is linked to their understanding of natural subtle energies in and around the Earth. (And even now, in the new science, the existence of other dimensions of space is understood as mathematically and theoretically possible, and more people continue to explore these realms.)

Although a white mist is all around us, it is not misty between these tree towers. I am fascinated by them, looking between them and beyond. I see a clear path leading into the depths of the forest, on and on. I remain seated, not wanting to disrupt this lovely vision. Barbara (next to me) sees it too, and shares her perceptions of it.

At one point Meg gets up to stretch her legs and take a little walk.
We laugh as the twinkling blue light follows three feet behind, wherever she goes, unbeknownst to her.

When she returns, we tell her that the light followed her. She is surprised because she had mind-communicated a message saying "I am going over here, into the woods for a minute. Don't do anything to scare me while I am away from everyone else." She thinks the friendly blue-white light has a coyote-nature to it, a jokester.

Meanwhile Ken has easily entered an altered dream state, half awake, half asleep. At one point, when he is sitting quietly, eyes closed, I want him to see the light so I call to him, softly: " Ken, Ken look to your right at the moving light." He opens his eyes but seems far away (barely here) so I don't know if he sees it circling him or not.

I tell the group what the Medicine Woman said about lights here in the forest. She called the light a "Dream Walker" and another time she called it an "Astral Projection." These Dream Walkers are not transparent like orbs and bubbles. They are semi-solid luminous balls of light that can be as small as a golf ball or larger than a balloon. They seem to behave like Orbs in that they can move in all directions and they sometimes reveal a trailing tail of light when they are photographed. Many of the small ones we see have a bluish tint to them.



Since many of us are interested in the phenomena of Orbs that appear in our photos and sometimes in front of our eyes, I talk about the white balls of light we are seeing tonight. In contrast to Orbs, which have been identified as conscious entities, and are seen everywhere including in the ocean with the dolphins, these Dream Walkers are different. They may be the Wise Ones coming to visit in their lightbody form. Although they are bright, they do not cast a light in front of them as a flashlight would. They are self-contained, globes of travelling white light.





These are Orbs



As we become more quiet and introspective, and as the fire burns down, our ability to see in the dark improves. Now we notice, close to the ground, minute clusters of tiny lights that appear to zig zag around themselves. I have called them neutrino lights when they appear during an E.T. contact evening. To me, these lights appear whenever something is bridging dimensions, coming through, dematerializing, or observing us while remaining mostly invisible.

It's an exciting moment when people in our group suddenly become aware of these tiny clusters. Usually from that moment on, they see them regularly in places like this where energy fluctuations occur. As we watch these lights tonight, moving around between the ground and a space up to four feet high, Ann shares her perception of them as sparkling grid lights that are creating pathways and even rearranging patterns of light within us and our environment.

Some of the other communications the group shares are: a growling voice or conversation of the Sasquatch heard in the woods; a hovering plasma scout ship above us, an energy field, nearby, a soft undulating frequency like a vibratory language around us, the feeling of being in another dimension, outside of third dimension, beyond limits of time and space as we know them.

We begin to hear repeated Sasqua sounds in the distance. They are the high (haunted-house type wails that can make chills down your back.) We hear crackling of twigs and footsteps from all sides, around us. Only one dog is barking, far away. The coyotes give a few howls and then are quiet. M, B and I are alert and silently pointing our finger to show the location of the sounds we hear. Wordlessly, we nod in agreement. We sit quietly, telepathically communicating, to our Sasquatch friends who are close by.

Tonight the moon is full and the woods are magical, streaming with moonbeams. Later we share our experiences of being taken Dream Walking with the Sasquatch family. As usual people have seen much more than I realize and as group members share their experiences it reminds the rest of us about these same occurrences (sounds, lights, movement, telepathic messages, generator sounds beneath the earth, etc.) We talk about geometrodynamic energy as taught me by the Ancient Ones and also about other civilizations (Karakawa of Texas, Anasazi, Olmecs, Atlanteans, etc) who had a fundamental knowledge of the earth's subtle energies (such as the thermal winds that we experience only at the Sasquatch location, as they whirl around us each night.)

We examine how they affect the very structure of space and time, opening us to unusual phenomena in the form of mysterious lights, humming sounds from earth, star-like objects moving through the sky, fireballs, out-of-place animals coming from nearby dimensions, total silence around us (not even insects or crickets), profound visions, new orientations, magnetic anomalies that interact with our brain waves, opening our senses and creating a different relationship to gravity. Shape-shifting is a natural result. All of these fascinating energy phenomenons reveal to us, the familiar world of our friends, the Wise Ones.

4:45 in the morning - I am suddenly awakened. I lay motionless in bed, listening. What is it that woke me up? Minutes pass, and then I hear the piercing sounds of a Sasquatch. He/she begins with a low moan-growl and escalates to loud hooting sounds. I say aloud to Ken and J-L in the cabin lofts, "It's the Sasquatch!" Getting up, I search in the dark for my lap blanket and quickly wrap it around my shoulders. I can hear Ken stirring, his rubber air mattress squeaking.

I sit outside on the porch bench. Silence. (My presence outside is being evaluated? Noted?) Then the sounds begin again. So close and loud they nearly knock me off the bench! They are just beyond my ability to see in the dark, directly in front of me, 25-30 feet. I am breathless and immersed in happiness. The sounds continue. There are growls and low Om sounds, followed by beautiful who-who-who-whoooo sounds. All of my mind, my bones and my skin are vibrating. Far to my left I hear another Wise One responding and mimicking the sounds. There are relaying calls in the distance - perhaps from across the river.

This is a long sequel. I am outside listening for 12 minutes. The sounds directly in front of me make me want to walk over and see who is there. Having bare feet stops me; along with a resistance to interfering with something so beautiful, that I don't want it to stop. I prefer to listen and try to understand their communication to me. So I sit and receive. Eventually the Sasquatch turn and begin to walk to my left. As they turn their face away, their sounds are a little less strong. They are leaving, their sporadic sounds going away with them. Then the sounds end. Silence. After a while, starting to feel cold, I go back inside the cabin, knowing they have left and filled with joy for that very close and personal contact.

Ken is very happy. He heard it all from inside the cabin. Feeling it was a very unique and powerful experience, he is ecstatic …. repeating their multiple range of sounds, commenting on the intensity, the loudness being purposely directed right to us.
Meanwhile, Jean-Luc slept through it all.


Day 3 -

It is one of those strangely quiet nights. Too quiet. What is really happening?


No dogs barking, no crickets, no acorns falling from trees, no crackling underfoot of small animals raccoons, fox, armadillos, no airplanes going over, no trucks on distant road, no crows - absolute eerie silence except for gusting winds high above that can be heard approaching us from far away, louder and louder. Then they are upon us, but we feel no wind at all. The tree tops barely wave in the breeze and yet the sound is of 75 mph winds! We remain quiet, listening, fascinated and dozing off from time to time. I mention this because other Sasquatch researchers have experienced this phenomena of an eerie and unnatural silence preceding the arrival (or awareness) of Sasquatch.

All is quiet except the fast-moving wind in the tree-tops, no dogs, no cicadas (too cold for them tonight). We hear the shuffling of little unseen animals around us. The deer snort loudly 6 times. Are they seeing Sasquatch? The white-tail deer snort is a warning "to be alert" to all the deer. Then, if danger is perceived, the buck will stamp a hoof loudly and they all run. We hear no stamp.

I ask for a sign or sounds from our friends that they are here. Silence ensues. We know they are there, watching. We feel them so strongly. Then we hear a distant sound in the woods to the north. It is high among the trees. It sounds like mechanical gibberish. No one speaks, trying to decipher it. I have never heard anything like it. It is coming towards us. Little by little the sound becomes louder and louder. Soon it is right over us. Then it curves to our left toward the dirt road. It is above the road now and making this high-pitched garbled sound non-stop. It passes behind our van as our ears follow its noisy progress. It does not stop and we cannot see anything. It continues past Susan's property now and curves back into the distant woods. The sound diminishing as it goes. Soon all is silent again.

None of us speak. I am waiting to see if it will return, at the same time I am searching my mind for an explanation of what animal, bird or Sasquatch that sounds that way. Nothing. It sounded like a wind-up twirly bird or human voices at super high mechanical speeds on a recording machine. It was loud and at the tree top level, but we heard no sounds of wings from a flying creature. Was it a voice projection of the Sasquatch kindly responding to my request for a sign or sound?

Later, I record an imitation of it on my stereo. Mimini Mimini - Mimini, Mimini - Mimini, Mimini .. on and on. The group laughs when I play it back to them. It's similar to the sounds we heard and it is funny to hear me making metallic gibberish. What was it?

I always write about experiences like this in case anyone reading my report has had a similar contact such as this. Please let me know if you have.

Star Nation Contact

Now it is October 14th and many people around the world are meditating tonight as a global commitment to contact the Star Nation people. We have decided to make contact here in the forest as well, and plan to Remote View the interior of the ship. We are all interested in participating. This is an ideal location -- remote, in a natural setting with a clear view of the sky and a place where ET ships are often seen. We go to a ridge that has great, expansive views of the mountain range and sky; overlooking the tops of all the trees below. It is a place I visited with Mike in 2005. Back then, Mike and I looked down and saw a tall, adult Sasquatch walking in the woods below us. The Sasquatch looked up directly at us, made eye contact and continued casually strolling through the woods until out of sight. It was a wonderful and meaningful experience.

The moon is full tonight. As we get out of the van we look up. What a beautiful sight. The moon is suddenly enclosed in a Moon-Bow with colors of red, gold, blue and pink. We are happy to see a huge white cloud ship above us, hovering in the sky. We sit on the precipice overlooking the mountain tops, sitting at the edge of the earth with a view of the entire universe. We are on the tallest mountain, looking east. There is a huge Cloudship above us.

Closing our eyes, we move into a frequency of Love, Harmony and Peace. We then do a process that brings us onto this many-miles long Galactic Federation Ship. The Ancient Ones accompany us. I recount aloud what we are experiencing: Many Star Nation representatives in different types of clothing and skin including Sasquatch. To my surprise I see rows of hundreds of Earth People present in this cavernous, high ceiling, domed council room. I am told, these are all the people who tuned in to the ship on October 14th….those who responded to the "Call." Our group interacts with everyone; recognizing friends. I see Trish and Doug and other Kona friends. (When I visit with them next month in November they tell me they were indeed meditating and contacting the ship that night.) Now on the ship we are listening to the time-line plan of the Galactic Council leaders regarding Earth. We feel a warm frequency of Love in the room. We then take time to each understand our own role on Earth as Star People in a world that is just beginning to accept the truth of other nations on other planets.

At the end of this meeting, I open my eyes to see the gigantic, oval cloudship moving upward, revealing some stars beneath the ship. Immediately, chills run up and down my spine. There it is, clearly in the black sky, the constellation we call Orion. No other stars in the sky but these!

It appears exactly as the Ancient One, Pushoma, had drawn it for me when he left me a note in 2007. This is extremely meaningful to me. I realize this drawing of the Orion constellation by Pushoma foretold a time when we will meet with the Star People aboard their craft. The time of contact has arrived.

Just as we leave, Sirius comes out of the cloudship above the Belt, shining brightly.

Each of us this week experience some similar and some private encounters while remote viewing the large ship in the sky together.

Then in the early hours of the morning, we depart for our cabins. There we sit outside on the porch and continue telepathic communication with the Sasquatch, enjoying their tonal vibrational languages and their variety of vocalizations. None of us want to leave...