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In December, 2006 I was not able to camp with Medicine Woman because the weather had become very cold in the area and she was spending most of her time with her family in a different location. I had attempted to buy a house in the area, but at the last minute the house was not available. As strange as it seemed to me, I had an inexplicable longing to be with the Sasquatch people in the pristine and mystical forest. I missed them. I felt sad knowing the winter season and the hunting season would keep us apart until Spring.

Holding the large quartz rock she gave me, I talked to the rock from my home in Hawaii, expressing my disappointment to the Medicine Woman that I could not be with her and that I did not find a little cottage to buy.

I received an answer the next day. Susan had received a message from the Medicine Woman for me and was concerned. In an email, Susan asked me,
"Joan. Why are you sad? Medicine Woman writes that you are sad."

And so I learned that my message was quickly received across the ocean through the process of telepathy and with the help of my special rock. It is interesting that I am learning to communicate their way and they kindly respond to my successful rock-telepathy in my way …. through English words on paper.

 December 17, 2006

Susan sent me a note that said, Medicine Woman wrote a message for me to pass on to you...this is what it said:

Water Woman

You speak to me in dream walk

See a sadness

You can come here soon

Not need to own land

When we go away land is still there

Susan Good and Tallman share with you when you come

Take you to (Blank) Rivers

(Blank) Valley and Birdman

(The blank lines in this entire message, are to keep the privacy of the special places of the Wise Ones. Thank you for understanding)

I was deeply touched by this insightful and kind reply to my feelings. It reminded me of how gentle and compassionate the Sasquatch are.

Of course I wondered about these places Medicine Woman mentioned.
Where are they? I would like to visit them.

The next week, Jean-Luc and I received gifts from the Medicine Woman in the mail.... a crystal for me and an authentic arrowhead for Jean-Luc with his name as she spells it, JA LU. (mailed to us by Susan)

In 2006, planning my schedule for 2007 I had penciled-in on my calendar the last two weeks in March to visit the Sasquatch, setting that time aside.

Was Medicine Woman reading my mind? I received this message from Susan in December:

"Medicine Woman wrote on my calendar that you should come the week of the 19th of March. Here is what she said":

"Susan Good

Take Water Woman to _____ Valley where stick writing you call Ogam is on rocks

Then go to Birdman Mounds where the bones of the Ancient One (Wise One) lay scattered on the land

There is a place to stay at _____ Rivers in a cabin by water."

As you can imagine, I was deeply moved to receive this message. I immediately made flight reservations for the mainland.

Arriving on March 14th, there was a message on Susan's calendar.

Here is what Medicine Woman wrote on the kitchen calendar regarding this educational journey for me and for Jean-Luc who would accompany me. Medicine Woman circled the dates and wrote the words:

March 19 Sun Dark

March 20 Even Day

March 21 _____ Rivers

March 22 _____ Valley & Ogam Rock

March 23 Birdman

Now it was up to us to decipher this message and go to the places named by Medicine Woman. Where were they? This was all the information I had. Looking up places on the Internet offered little clarity as the names Medicine Woman uses are often different than the names used by our present day society.

Through talking to local people, the old-timers, watching signs in nature, such as crows flying above our car, representing the Wise Ones in spirit form, reading hidden signs, road billboards that appeared and disappeared(!), remembering our dreams, understanding in a new light the discoveries of archaeologists and the rocks Pushoma (the Wise elder) gave us along with the rocks from the Sasquatch to be used as guiding stones, we found our way. We remained in a space of dream-like awareness. The information we needed came to us. It was easy to be relaxed and open in this beautiful setting where our active schedules at home were far away. Here we immersed ourselves into the silence, the forest and its life forms. The adventure into Sasquatch history took us to 3 different states.


There was a special white pyramid-shaped rock awaiting Jean-Luc when we first arrived. His name, JA LU was printed on the bottom of the rock with a marker pen.

Jean-Luc has always had a mystical and inexplicable connection to large winged birds….. finding birds, wings, feathers wherever he goes. He looked forward to meeting Birdman.


Jean-Luc and I were able to find the centrally located cabin along the rivers that the Wise Ones recommended for us as a homebase. It was a lovely cabin, exactly what we would choose ourselves had we known about it. We arrived there a few days ahead of schedule to settle in.




Our experiences, staying at this cabin in the woods were different than other times. Instead of sitting around a fire and communicating through thoughts and imagery, they told me in advance we would be taken to places in the area that explained their history on this Earth (which they love very much.) Jean-Luc and I realized that we were on a Vision Quest.


Every day, we enjoyed the deep forest and the rivers. At night, we would relax around the fire, a time to evaluate and appreciate this adventure that was invisibly guiding us to a new awareness. The spirit of the Sasquatch joined us in the form of spheres of Light.


Early in the morning a hawk continuously circled at treetop level, calling repeatedly as it flew. Watching it, I suddenly felt a chill run down my spine and a field of love surround me. I knew the Sasquatch were there. The hawk flew away and now the calls made by the Sasquatch could be heard.

A little surprised to hear them during the daylight, I ran to tell Jean-Luc. We both went outside to listen. There it was again. A sound similar to an owl: Hoo-hoo-hooooo. Off in the woods, it's the first time I've heard it here.

JL has never heard it before. He looks at me blankly and says: "It's an owl."

Meanwhile I am so happy, I am beaming!

"Listen closely" I say. The sound repeats and JL sees (hears) what I mean. It is a human sound…… imitating an owl. In addition to knowing how they do that, I am surrounded by an energy of love. There is no mistaken the familiar feeling. They are in the distance across the river and clearly directing their sounds to us. Just as written on Susan's calendar Wednesday, March 21 is _____ Rivers day. That's exactly where we are - in the cabin by the rivers. And here they are to confirm we found the right place to be. We left a note to Medicine Woman, Pushoma and their family.

On our third day, while having lunch, a waitress in a restaurant overheard our conversation about our interest in natural rock formations in the area. The waitress told us about some ancient Runes carved into rocks. Jean-Luc and I looked at each other, silently wondering if this could be related to the stick writing, Medicine Woman had mentioned. As the waitress spoke, we felt a tingling energy moving in our body. Have you ever had that experience? It is a Buzz that connects you to higher frequencies and in our case, lets us know Medicine Woman is present with us and the information we are receiving in that moment is correct. It is a fascinating and reliable signal that alerts us to pay attention and follow the suggestions being offered.

Guided by the Wise Ones, we found the place where their stick writing is engraved on huge 12 foot boulders in the mountains.

Portal Cave

I had never heard about the possibilities of the Vikings coming to North America. This was news to me. Now I know better.


As we studied the meaning of the stick writing on the boulders, we learned that it told of the specific valley mentioned by Medicine Woman in her letter to us, where there is a Portal they access. We visited that valley.

The Valley

While we were there, I contacted the Medicine Woman telepathically, inquiring about the validity of the presence of Norseman in America.
This was the telepathic response, translated into words:

I asked, "Who were the Vikings?" "Were you Wise Ones the Vikings?"

Answer: "No - although they were very hairy too!
We, Wise Ones. traveled over the land masses and were here, the Vikings were here as well. We were, then (at that time) the same as now. Vikings were so amazed by all they saw, we were just one of many new experiences. But we kept ourselves unseen most of the time. We were often with the Inner Earth people as part of their civilization (same as now).

I said, "Ja Lu and Water Woman would like to meet the Inner Earth people. I sense they are wise and gentle. Can you take me to see them?"

Answer: "Yes, we will. You don't have to go by boat to cold land."

(This was a fascinating and humorous reference by the Medicine Woman to my application to join a tour organized by a North Pole Expedition to communicate with the Inner Earth people. I had filed an application a month ago in February. How did she know?)

It was interesting that at night Jean-Luc had a dream about the Vikings.


Soon it was the day Medicine woman planned for us to learn about their bones that lay scattered on the land and about Birdman, March 23. It seems we were prepared for this important event by the teachings that preceded it. Susan had told me that Birdman is a powerful shaman of the Wise Ones. There are effigies of Birdman at the _____ Mounds. Medicine Woman and the Wise Ones would like me to know about Birdman.

Could she be teaching me these things so I can know the truth of their history and help other people understand their culture? Medicine Woman knows I write books and teach seminars. She knows Jean-Luc makes films. She has asked Jean-Luc to make a film about the Wise Ones and their connection to God. It seemed important that we learn and be able to share their story from their personal traditions. As we learned about them, it became obvious, we were learning the true history of ancient North America and perhaps South America as well. I felt so much gratitude for this open-hearted gift, showing me some of the history and heritage of their advanced and peace loving civilization.

There are many pre-historic mounds, half of them have not been excavated. We found the bones exposed on the land. We took photos of them. I gave thanks to the sprit of the Ancient of Ancients. Thanking them for their wisdom and love, thanking them for being the ancestors of Medicine Woman and her family, thanking them for guiding me here, blessing them. After those words, thoughts and feelings, the next pictures we took were filled with spheres of light… perhaps aspects of the souls of the departed ones, perhaps again the spirit of the Wise Ones.


The Wise Ones guided us to their bones which lay openly on the Earth (amazing since no one seems able to find bones of the Sasquatch.) Some ancient bones that have been discovered have been mis-identified as bones of other races. It is interesting that the sign placed near the bones by researchers says: These are the Bones of the Ancient Ones. They did not know whose bones they were, only that they were ancient. They are very tall skeletons, much bigger than those of the people who lived on the land during that time, around 600 AD according to the Wise Ones. These bones were 6 - 7 feet tall while the indigenous people at that time measured 5'2 to 5'4.

We saw things no one has ever seen before. At times, I had to ignore the signs and information written by well-meaning people trying to describe these phenomena of old. My Sasquatch friends had their own story and history for these places. I know what they told me is true. They are always truthful. I am fascinated by Archaeology. It was my Major at Cal State University. I respect the efforts of people in this field. However, things are always changing as new pieces of evidence are introduced. And so we remain open to learn and gain more understanding about our nation, our people, our world and beyond.

The Wise Ones also wrote a message for us which we found when we were there. It is composed of powerful symbols which seem to affect you in ways beyond the mere reading and translating of words. It seems important to trace the symbols and experience the energy that is alive within them. Here is a copy of the latest message from Pushoma. He includes symbols and stick writing again (as in his previous note.) He also sent me two beautiful rocks for our continued communication. Posted below his message I have included a sample of Ogam or Ogham for your perusal. Notice that Pushoma uses this alphabet in part of his message.

Pushoma answers Joan's letter with gift rocks. This message seems to include his place of origin, Orion.


Sample of Ogam Language - related to the Runes.


Jean-Luc and I visited a museum in the area. There we learned of the ceremonial artifacts that are buried with honored leaders, These artifacts are of half man, half bird mystical beings. In the archaeological reports these are believed to be mythical stories and symbols. However we believe that Medicine Woman has left this great teaching for us, at the end of the week - when we are more prepared to accept this information, because it is a most significant part of their life. Birdman as revealed by Medicine Woman is a powerful shaman of the Ancient Ones. It is a true story of a living being.

Birdman Effigies

We made the connection to the Shaman? Leader? God? named Birdman. I met Birdman in a Dream Walk, during the day, on the ancient site where he/she resided and most likely still resides in a parallel reality.
We found the location from long ago.


. . . . .

The entire time of contact with Birdman (2 hours clock time) a bee circled my head and was buzzing me. Initially I tried to move and avoid the bee, but then realized that all animals, insects, beings, have a message for us. Perhaps the bee was there to create a particular vibrational sound to enhance the contact. I relaxed and allowed the bee to remain with me. This is the way things happen around the Wise Ones.

I had contact with Birdman and the race of Beings he/she represents. I share those experiences in a future chapter. I am still learning about who this Being is, in relation to the Wise Ones and to our own spiritual heritage.

Within this chapter, I have risked writing about things that may seem extremely phenomenal to those who have never experienced them. I believe Shamans and native people will understand. I have decided to write about these things, although briefly, because I truly believe the Wise Ones are asking people to acknowledge their often denied and mis-represented Presence on our planet. They are offering us their friendship and their practical earth-centered wisdom. They are a very advanced species and therefore kind and supportive of the human race.

If you have any questions or comments, email me I would love to hear from you.





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Medicine Woman answers our note





The Sasquatch People receive our gifts and give us some in return

The RETREAT in the forest - July 2007


& WEEK TWO; OCTOBER 2008, APRIL 2009, APRIL 2010