Dolphin Communication



Here is a funny story about a Spinner dolphin I know.

Yesterday when I was swimming among the Spinner dolphins, one dolphin chose to swim alongside me on my right side, and gaze into my eye. I love when that happens. It is always so meaningful. The dolphin's unblinking eye, shines with a spark of light revealing awareness, peace and wisdom. His intense gaze touches my heart and I feel like crying and laughing at the same time. I also feel as if I become one with the dolphin; a joyful, intelligent cetacean sister. It is a unique and extraordinary experience.

This particular dolphin maintained eye contact as we swam together on the surface. I purposely began turning slightly away from him careful not to break our eye contact. He turned with me and toward me, maintaining the same close proximity to my face. When he did that, I knew the game was on. He was ready to play the 'look-into-my-eye' game, and I was happy to participate.

Keeping my right eye looking at his eye, I slowly turned to my left. He stayed with me. I continued to turn in a sharp circle on the inside. He calmly continued to turn with me on the outside. Although he had a greater turn to make circling on the outside, he was soon leading me in a surface spiral that was going faster and faster while we maintained eye contact, spinning round and round. Since he was so close to me (only inches away) my task was to turn smoothly with him. I was using only one leg and one arm while being careful not to touch him as we continued to circle in place; all the while watching his intense, unblinking brown eye which seemed to be monitoring my progress. I was determined not to lose the contest and so although he had far superior swim skills and flexibility, I struggled to keep spinning round and round on the surface, never losing sight of his eye. I was aware that for a dolphin, he was moving slowly, coaxing me to remain with him. Soon the muscles in my active leg were aching. But I wouldn't give up. Spinning as fast as I could, we maintained eye contact in the swirling water, laughing together.

Meanwhile what else was happening?

I have learned that this eye-to-eye contact with a dolphin or a whale is an experience of receiving information from them. They are masters at expressing refined vibrational frequencies, living as a sentient race in the enhanced conduit of water. They communicate to us through this saltwater environment directly into the water element that constitutes over 75% of our human/water bodies. We receive it directly. Sometimes I experience it as images or pictures in my mind; but I believe I am the one making the images, not them. In their ability to feel and understand our energetic frequencies emanating from our minds and bodies, they read us very well.

My understanding of the dolphins' way of communicating is that they send vibrational frequencies, packed with information, to us with full knowledge of our ability to translate their waveforms into pictures or thoughts in our own mind. We humans can interpret what they send, because the dolphins know how to send their messages in translatable waves. This means they are choosing the vibrational stories that ignite and excite us, sending them to us knowing we will receive, translate and care about their heartfelt messages.

So, what was the message?

"As we spin together,
the spin of the DNA in your cells is being activated and increased,
opening you to advanced levels of communication
between you and Higher Consciousness.
This has been our role, to stimulate this ability within you.
We do this in play and with a spirit of fun.
The effects of this spinning, enters the-Mind-in-your-cells and stimulates higher learning and advanced loving ways of Being that you can then share with other humans.
As we merge with you, we invite you to co-create new resplendent worlds with us.
In our shared creations our mutual paradigms of wisdom, evolve.
Continue to play with us and spin with us in the oceans.
We are your kin."


The spinning and eye contact shared by the dolphin and I continued for at least 20 full circle turns before I felt the need to stop. Breaking eye contact and looking away, I made a shallow dive, hoping my dolphin friend would submerge with me. He did ……. and then he continued to dive deeper, deeper and deeper, ending our wild game of dizzying spinning and gazing.

As I watched him swimming gracefully away, I was at peace enjoying the blissful aftermath of our loving encounter. Thank you dear friend.