Inner Earth People

Dolphins and whales with their enhanced abilities to communicate acoustically and Telempathically, are in contact with many species including humans. They are communicating with us on many levels as we swim in the water with them and as we contact them in meditation. They are also interacting with underwater civilizations that traverse our planet's oceans and maintain a society within our seas, as explained in the section entitled, Underwater Bases, on my web site.

In addition, dolphins and whales are in contact with civilizations that live inside our Earth. Planet Earth is not a solid globe, but a hollow world with two obvious physical entrances at the poles. There are people living within our Earth, on the inner crust of the globe, who have lived there longer than our current surface Earth civilization has existed. Within the hollow part of the Earth there is a central sun which shines continuously, creating perpetual daytime. There is no night. There is no ice. The heat of this sun is what contributes to the warm arctic winds on the surface that seem inexplicable to explorers and scientists.

Some scientists have explained the existence of a central Sun within the Earth. They even built a working model of the hollow Earth and patented it. This research includes the reports of Arctic explorers, and is explained in well-documented books that are available to buy on  (See my ETfriends website for details.) In February, 1947, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, leading a United States Navy Task Force expedition flew for seven hours beyond the North Pole and reached a place never recorded in history before. They proceeded to penetrate the hollow region of the Earth for 1700 miles. There he found a Land that was green and lush with growing plants, flowers and thick forests. Nine years later, January 13, 1956, the same Rear Admiral Byrd, leading another official expedition to the Antarctic, flew from his base at McMurdo Sound which is 400 miles from the South Pole and entered the hollow region of the Earth near the South Pole, for 2300 miles.

On March 13, 1956 Admiral Byrd returned to the United States and said,"the present expedition has opened up a vast new land." (which he later referred to as an "enchanting continent in the sky.") These explorations were divulged on the radio at that time, having world-wide significance. Although millions of people heard the announcements and press releases (myself included), the U.S. Government decided to strictly censor the information and prevent its circulation. No additional details were given and the reports of Rear Admiral Byrd were forgotten.

While I was remote viewing this place during my Time Travel seminars at Sky Island Ranch, Hawaii, I saw a vast world with mountains and shorelines, and lush green vegetation with rivers and parks. A misty red sun on the horizon was emanating more warmth than seemed warranted. The climate was warm! The tall men and women I met seemed very caring. Their transportation is via hovercrafts and larger disk-shaped spacecrafts that apparently enter and exit the inner Earth. Their homes are mostly dome shaped and their personalities are spiritual; they are compassionate, gentle and wise.

It is understood that the Tibetan monks know of openings into the Earth. Other writers have proposed that Ascended Masters of esoteric wisdom inhabit subterranean caverns. Some of the locations believed to be entrances to another world inside the Earth are accessible in Antarctica, the North Pole, Tibet, the Himalayan Mountains, Peru, Bolivia, the Andes Mountains; Rocky Mountains in Colorado; Mount Shasta and Mount Whitney in California; Grand Tetons in Wyoming; the Secret Valley near Tucson, Arizona, Mount Fuji, Japan and the Pyrenees Mountains along the border of France and Spain.

The time is coming closer when they will be willing to open their world to ‘top-siders’. They require that we are peaceful and gentle people before entering their idyllic civilization.

We will explore these concepts and more at our seminars.