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... It was blissful to be with the whales!

Our perceptions are heightened by such encounters, and amplified by our group's togetherness in this pure and remote place in Nature. This connection releases our core potentials, where we can receive and send deep and joyful energy, as if we are opening star-gates.

Every day we had gentle quiet time, floating with a mother whale and her curious baby. Our groups were sensitive, staying together as a unit so we did not spook the whales and then the whales stayed. And on the last 2 days we had a Singer, twenty feet under water, tail up, head down, hours of singing. Was it calling for a mate? or playing/working with the Energy Matrix of the Earth...

Within a meditative enchanting experience, without thinking, we can "feel/experience/grasp/behold/extra-sense/observe" so much more.
Songs and Feelings, mesmerizing moments… may be our astral vessels, our platforms of expansion ( the doors of our perceptions )...

Perhaps our linear education made us think in ways where all is separated, limiting our perception. Now we realize that all is one as a drop of Water returning and becoming the sea.

Dolphins and Whales have a complex brain that functions differently than human linear thinking. Do Dolphins and Whales think like humans with accumulations of thoughts?... more likely they simply ARE... They are participating in and at one with the vast holographic web of Energy that IS… That is all of Earth...

Together in this unifying field, our experience became our own inner "dance".
We were eternal co-creators with Oceania and stewards of life.
The whales were interacting with the Infinite Supreme Intelligence, the organic network of the Universe.
Even though it is beyond our human imagination … our hearts awaken to sustain our imagination … of being part of an endless tapestry with them.

Indeed the Whales carry a consciousness that holds the stars together especially our Planet. This Experience was so deeply moving because we were with whales… and with a loving group... on the edge of the world.
We were in bliss, in resonance with the beauty of our experience.

Maururu, Mahalo and Much Love



Thank you to Lisa Denning and Suchi Psarakos

for contributing so many wonderful, beautiful photos from our special weeks together.

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