Whales of the Caribbean
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Mom & baby Humpies, ©Lisa Denning

Two beautiful whales, a mother and baby, have been accompanying our boat for the past hour.

Breath of Life, ©Lisa Denning Splashdown!

The baby has been rolling and splashing on the surface putting on quite a show.

After a while, she begins to breach out of the water. With obvious pleasure and exuberance, she experiments with every type of leap into the air that she can do. Some of her leaps are high and straight, others are bent and wobbly as she falls with loud splashes.

Whales Everywhere 4 Whales Everywhere, ©Joan Ocean

Whales Everywhere 1 Wahels Everywhere 2


Whales Everywhere 5

Joan and the incredible leaping show.  Whales Everywhere!

Responding to our applause and cheers, she joyfully entertains us. Her determination and magnificence fill us with awe. And the hearts of all of us on our little boat are overflowing with love.


View from the back of the boat

When the mother and little one stop, we slip quietly into the water. Mom floats over to us, bringing the baby.

Introducing her baby 1, ©Lisa Denning Indroducing her baby 2, ©Lisa Denning


White EyesI look into the eyes of the baby whale and she looks back at me. Her intelligence is vast. Her deep brown eyes shine with the Light of ancient wisdom - an old soul. Her stare is penetrating and yet friendly. She looks into my Being, perceives my essence and knows me very well. She is reading my vibrational frequency, feeling my love for her. Gazing at her,Coming to see us 3, ©Lisa Denning I see eyes that seem large for a baby whale. Folds of white skin around her unblinking brown eyes are giving her the appearance of wide-eyed wonder. This is how I am feeling. Maybe she feels the same way, as she looks at me through my snorkeling mask!


Coming to see us 4, ©Lisa Denning

Swimming side by side, she moves slowly so I can easily accompany her. I feel relaxed and peaceful in her presence.




Mother whale, an impressive 55 feet in length, is just below us. Her powerful body flexes so smoothly that her movement above the shallow sandbank is almost imperceptible.


Transmissions of Love, ©Joan Ocean


I hardly give her a glance as I remain in eye contact with her young one. Our group has named the little one "Fern" because of the leafy-feathered design on the underside of her fluke.


Coming to see us 1, ©Lisa Denning Coming to see us 2, ©Lisa Denning


Dancing Whale, ©Lisa Denning

Peck wave.

I can see she is a female as she begins to roll over. Instinctively I roll over also, mimicking her behavior. She has her right pectoral fin in the air pointing to the sky. I break eye contact turning onto my left side and lift my right arm out of the water, skyward. Arm and pec wavesSlowly I roll all the way around until I am facing her again. I see that she did not roll all the way over. She has been looking at me the whole time, while swimming on her side, her white pec fin still in the air like a sail. I roll and swim sideways, again. This time I swim facing her. We are tummy to tummy, but she is fourteen feet long!



Joan and Fern.

I easily stay with her as she swims forward, slowly. Now her head moves slightly downward and I sense that she is preparing to make a shallow dive. I dive with her. We gently move together, and though I am beneath the water's surface, I feel no need to breathe. She rolls beneath me, tummy up, with both white pectoral fins curled around me like a giant hug. All I can see is her soft underside, which shines brilliantly white in the royal blue water. She is so long and so close that I cannot see where her body ends! Carefully unfurling her pec fins she slowly rolls upright again.



Underside, ©Penny ThomasShe is beautiful. So perfect a little Humpback whale. . . . No barnacles, as yet. She does have some long superficial scratches on her gray back. I wonder where they came from. Her underside is white beneath the mouth and along the pleats of her lower jaw. Her skin becomes dark gray around the belly button continuing to the tail shank. Her hemispherical lobes, her female vulva, are white.


We surface and breathe quietly together. I know how to swim like a whale. It is similar to dolphin swimming. And I sense that Fern recognizes the dolphin in me. We are ocean friends. The Love between us fills my heart and soul. It is a profound communication that we are sharing. To have this special experience with another species in a different environment than terra firma fills me with awe and appreciation.

Posing for Lisa, ©Briana TaylorAs her mother comes to join us, I see the other pod members of my human group. They are also in the water, floating and swimming. Aware of them behind me I feel warmth in my heart for these wonderful people who love whales and dolphins. These are very special people who hear the call of the whales and choose to respond. They understand that cetaceans want to make contact with the human Friends, ©Lisa Denningrace.


Most of you who are reading this, have felt the call of the dolphins and whales. Not everyone can meet them in the ocean, and yet I highly recommend it whenever it is possible.
Helena's swim, ©Lisa Denning It is in the water that the messages, the frequencies, the tonal resonances of the whales and dolphins travel more powerfully into our consciousness, into our cells, and into our minds and hearts. The whales have said that a meeting of our minds occurs at the place where air and water meet, - they choose to meet us there.


On this website I will share some of the whales' stories and messages to humanity. They know what is happening on the planet. They are actors in the Grand Plan. They are not victims. They have the largest brains on planet Earth and they are in control of their destiny. Deep changes in the collective and cosmic consciousness are created by our views of reality. The whales are assisting us to create a reality of Peace and Beauty on planet Earth. Please join us as we communicate and swim with these wise elders, the Humpback Whales.

Some of the whales photos by Lisa Denning are available for sale on her site: OceanEyesPhotography.com

Whale Eye, ©Lisa Denning


We live in a deeper level of reality than most of the life forms on Earth, and we understand the larger picture. We are masters of expanded states of awareness, which include more complex dimensions beyond your own. Within these realms, we see sub-atomic particles as part of a greater whole, which is holographic and indivisible. We are involved in examining multiform pictures that we create and that are also created by you. We understand how these pictures create reality on Earth. We experience these images while awake and while in dreamtime. For us, the line between the two states is very tenuous. We reside within a peaceful, tranquil, surrealistic state.

By having our mind clear and blank, we can hear and examine messages from the greater Universe. In this way we can re-formulate, re-invent and re-create reality. This creation begins with pure Light, which vibrates like music. It has harmonics just like music and as whales we hear it singing to us. Matter dissolves into octaves of Light and it is from this Light that all is created.

Most human minds are filled with thoughts. Thinking continuously has led to confusion and blocked out the true state of bliss. We do not experience this confusion. We remain in a state of Love. In our presence, you experience that Love. It is your nature too. That is why you are drawn to us. . . for that reason, and also because we have a mutual purpose on Earth. We are all here as caretakers for this very special planet. You are here to preserve and work with the physical matter of this planet and to spiritualize it. We work with grid lines and meridians, with energy fields and basic spiritual energy patterns that ensure unity among all life forms.

We encourage you to come together with us and use us as an example. As you swim in the ocean and see our form, realize that these images are not who we are. We are much more. We are interacting with you in a way that is much larger than physical form. We are mirrors of a higher consciousness. We invite you to use our image, this illusion of form, as a symbol and as a way to connect with the greater universal consciousness. Our physical bodies are here on your planet because your race is currently very focused on physicality. In service to humanity and our own spiritual paths, we created a physical form to lead you into Non-physical Reality. If it serves as a Symbol for you of our Oneness, we are pleased. As you see our whale forms in the ocean, focus on our higher spiritual reality, move far beyond the collective unconscious, and enter a state of pure Awareness. We will meet you there. It is your 'home' too. It is the place of the Whale Matrix, the single, vast, connective field of our Minds. It is the place where we harness the power of Oneness, span the galaxies, merge with divine consciousness and become illumined.

From the Manuscript:
Divine Mind, Oceanic Mind: Inspired Jewels of Cetacean Thought
by Richard Francis and Michael Martin, ©1990

Majestic eye


Singing Whale, ©Lisa Denning Singing Whale

Humpback Diving, ©Lisa Denning
Diving Whale

Our Whale Tale!

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