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1988 International Dolphin & Whale Conference, Australia.

Human-Dolphin Village

In 1988 I arrived in Hawaii, looking for a quiet place near the water to meet with clients seeking spiritual counseling and to compile the messages of the dolphins and whales. Many people had become interested in dolphins and I looked forward to sharing my stories with them. I had received a dreamtime message that I would meet some friendly extraterrestrials in Hawaii, not realizing that it was the ocean-inhabiting dolphins and whales who were contacting me.

As I entered the water tentatively, the dolphins welcomed me. Previously I swam while wearing a life jacket. Now I began learning from them, how to swim and dive. Spending every day in the bay with the dolphins, my life was filled with contentment. I felt healthy, close to nature, athletic and full of curiosity about this special dolphin connection. As I shared my joy in the ocean with close friends and clients, more and more people came to meet the dolphins and then began to move to this island to be close to them.

Dolphinvillle community meeting 2001

Today we all live in many homes near the dolphin lagoon, close to each other. In the mornings we swim together—making a pod of people who mingle with the pods of dolphins. It is a very fulfilling and joyful lifestyle. Of course we have some life challenges we face, due to the changes we experience in this new way of life, but it is very productive to go through these changes with a supportive family of like-minded people. And so we meditate together, work together, assisting each other with projects including workshops, cooking, cleaning, carpentry, gardening, guest transportation, accommodations, child care, counseling, massage, emotional, spiritual and financial support and in many other ways, keeping the messages of the dolphins close to our hearts, emulating them as a pod in community.

In addition to the spirit of cooperation, peace, simplicity and love that the dolphins demonstrate, the dolphins have taught us to expand our mind, release limiting thoughts and open to the wondrous world of the unknown that they are gladly revealing to us. As we enter their refined fields of consciousness, we travel with them into the Universe deep within us. Leaving the linear belief systems of three dimensional time and space, we easily access our childhood, our past lives and our future. Beyond the third dimension, there are no time constraints and everything is occurring simultaneously. As we enter these "future" worlds together, we see a world that is filled with Peace and Fulfillment. We see our community and communities all around the world, living in harmony, able to use once again expanded non-local consciousness to be in contact with each other.. Does it sound fantastic? It isn’t. It is only natural. The cetaceans live that way and we have the same physiological and mental capabilities to do likewise.

Our latest research involves merging our individual energy fields and our atomic structure with the harmonic frequencies of dolphin and whale sounds and sonar. Learning to make this simple shift, we meet many new aspects of our consciousness and our soul or life force. As the dolphins have taught us, it is by activating our golden, spiraling sphere of energy to create a field that aligns with the Universal rhythms that allows us to traverse many realms and interact with places and people outside of our present, known reality.

We learn the wisdom of the ancients such as the Mayans, the Atlanteans, the Lemurians, and the interstellar beings regarding visiting many loving civilizations and using the natural cycles of the stars and planets to do so.

In our community, we are becoming familiar with these abilities and exploring them with enthusiasm and excitement. There are fascinating worlds of great Beauty and inspiration that exist in nearby realms. There we meet many other people who are also adept at soul travel, bi-locating and remote sensing. We convene there, converse with each other, and return to review what we have experienced. It is a course in higher education. These advanced skills are explained more fully in my books and in the seminars listed on this web site.


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