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The dolphins and whales are calling us into the ocean.

They want to meet us, to introduce us to their world, and to swim with us into the unknown. They are intelligent friends who exemplify qualities we value-- cooperation, harmony, peace, joyfulness, good health, beauty, wisdom, supple movement, grace and unconditional love. The dolphins and whales are approaching us around the globe, filling our minds with visions of freedom, and interacting with us to encourage us to attain many life-enhancing qualities.

Dolphin Connection, All Rights Reserved [CLICK TO ENLARGE]I am a counseling psychologist by training and I have understood from the beginning of my human- dolphin connection that experiences with the dolphins and whales are teachings about human potentials and spiritual unfoldment. The calling that I have received from the cetaceans is a call to people about our unlimited essence and our capacity to experience love more fully.

This is what the dolphins have been showing me by their example as I swim with them almost every day. It has changed my life and it has affected the community of friends who live in my neighborhood and swim with me. On this web site, I will continue to share with you the teachings of the dolphins and whales.

Since 1989 I have lived with three pods, or families, of more than two hundred wild Hawaiian Spinner dolphins, Stenella longirostris. I have logged over 6,000 hours in the water — listening to the dolphins, watching them, mimicking them, filming, recording, documenting them, and enriching my own lifeDolphin Connection, All Rights Reserved [CLICK TO ENLARGE] because of them. I have learned that cetaceans communicate in a way that requires an entirely different mind set than the human cognitive-thinking model. Rather than in words and sentences, dolphins communicate through vibrations, through sonar and synchronized movement, through acoustic images, feelings, sounds, and group-energy fields. They work with the electromagnetic grids of the planet, using these underwater pathways to send messages for miles beneath the sea.

They know how to access multiple dimensions. This means they are simultaneously experiencing life in the ocean and life in an ontological world of multi-level subtle realities. As they swim with me, I am often fascinated by their ability to be wonderful three-dimensional physical friends, while they also interact with vibrational holograms that take them to fourth and fifth-dimensional worlds. They serve as inspirational examples to us of the possibilities existing beyond our present belief systems.

What they are doing, and what they are teaching us, is exactly what we humans will be doing in the twenty-first century. This is why there is such a yearning in people to be with dolphins and to learn from them — we sense the importance and the timeliness of their wisdom.

When we immerse ourselves in the ocean for hours, we are transported into another dimensional world. Everything we see and feel is new and unknown, relative to our earthbound lives. As we swim along we see the blueness ahead of us. We see shapes and forms moving in the current before us. We look ahead and we cannot see our own bodies. It feels like free-floating in outer space!

Dolphin Connection, All Rights Reserved [CLICK TO ENLARGE]In addition to living in another world, the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins are at One with nature. They live in a state of Love that suspends judgment, anger and retaliation, and their abilities to use more of their physical, sensory, and intelligence potentials reminds us that we can do that too. The dolphins operate out of a different paradigm than the human race. They have not been raised in a culture that requires primarily rational thinking. They know there is much more than that. We can learn their ways and enrich ourselves. As we broaden our attitudes, the physiology of our bodies will change also. There are many wonderful adventures awaiting our entrance into the dolphin world.

As humans we want happiness -- the dolphins have found this. We want peace of mind -- when we swim with wild dolphins, we find it with them. We want beauty and love - the dolphins create this vibrationally, shaping their own habitats. They feel vibrations, create holographic works of art all around themselves, and then play among them.Dolphin Connection, All Rights Reserved [CLICK TO ENLARGE]

The dolphins have taken me through a very precise and methodical "course of study," compelling me to open to their wisdom and set aside my old limiting beliefs about who I am as a human being on Earth at this time in the history of the Universe. They have helped me expand into near and distant worlds.

These are the experiences I will share with you, in the hope that some of the behaviors and communications of the dolphins will inspire you to further develop them into healing modalities for people and our planet.




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What the Dolphins Have Taught Me

~ To swim and dive.
~ To hear better and more in the ocean and in general
~ To enjoy the ocean and swimming
~ To value living in a group of people and living like dolphins

These are some of the basic priciples they teach:

- Supporting each other.
- Cooperating, no competition.
- Taking care of Nature and it takes care of us.
- We are more than our physical bodies, we are able to communicate.
- Use your telepathic abilities.
- Sound (vibrations) can heal us. Use them, study them.
- Live Simply.
- Breathe deeply all the time and avoid going places where you can't.
- Sleep on your own schedule.
- Eat what's in your environment.
- Always smile it makes you more beautiful.
- Eye contact is a communication between souls.
- You have control over your emotions – express the good ones, analyze the bad ones.
- Don't blame others.
- Keep active.
- Enjoy making love.
- Be curious.
- Teach the young people.
- Play more than anything else, no matter where you are!
- Respect your family.
- Share your feelings of love with everyone. Don't be stingy.
- Be fearless and face the things that worry you with Faith.
- Use your 6th sense and beyond.
- Have integrity.
- Love yourself.
- Keep your sense of humor.



For the past twenty five years Joan has been swimming with wild Spinner dolphins in Hawaii. She has witnessed births and come to know the babies. Many of the dolphins we will meet have been Joan's friends for a long time; they have names based on identifying marks and are happy to swim among people. This behavior of the dolphins has grown out of years of developing trust together which continues to be reinforced by the gentle interactions we have with the pods every day. This is a friendship we value and choose to maintain.

The way we interact with dolphins is to become like a dolphin when entering the water. This means mimicking their behavior. ~~~If for example, they are joyful and playful, we laugh, dive and somersault with them. If they are quiet, we are meditative and slow with them. Then we do not dive right above them or startle them in any way. We let them approach us and softly swim among us. We swim in the same direction, never cutting directly toward them, but becoming a member of the pod and turning and diving slowly and evenly whenever they do. Very deep communications occur.

The dolphins do not want you to touch them. If you reach out they swim away. To keep them close to you, swim with your ams at your sides and propel yourself along by kicking your fins only. Mimicking their sounds is recommended. They appreciate your attemps to talk to them in their language.

When we leave the coastline by boat to meet the dolphins in the deep blue, we acknowledge the dolphins as the masters of the seas and we follow their lead. We enter the water when they have brought us to a safe bay or place in the ocean. When they are ready for us to swim among them, they mill around the boat, waiting for us.





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photo by Lisa Denning, Kona, HI



































Anita's Pictures of our dolphins playing

Images are © ANITA ROSSING (used by permission)



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My way of being with the dolphins and whales is as a researcher who lives among them to learn about their culture. Overall I choose not to label the work I am doing with the dolphins, because sometimes labeling an activity immediately limits our understanding of that process. But over time, the name "Participatory Research" has come to effectively express the nature of my interactive cetacean communication research. This work is quite different from traditional types of observational and experimental research conducted on dolphins. Participatory Research requires that the scientist participate with the dolphins and whales in the educational process. It does not separate the human from the cetacean as the observer and the observed. As I collect information, there is no division between researcher and subject, teacher and student, their physical body and mine, their energy field and mine. We are connected by our close proximity to each other, by our awareness of each other, and by the frequencies that move life through our bodies. Our information merges to co-create a unity of mind, feelings and wave patterns. We influence each other, we affect each other, and we both benefit from this energy exchange.

Dolphin Connection, All Rights Reserved [CLICK TO ENLARGE]When a dolphin or whale swims towards me, I move into a parallel position alongside, and join her as any other cetacean would. I open myself empathetically to the feelings and thoughts I receive in her presence. But I do not just passively register these, I also respond back to her, understanding that my response to her is as significant as her original communication to me. The research is about the interaction we share with each other. To accomplish this, it is important that I remain open to the unexpected, treat each exchange as unique, and resist any inclination to apply previously made interpretations to the interactions. The dolphins support this by continually changing their behavior. The minute I think, "A ha, I see a pattern in their interactions with me; I know what’s coming next," they behave in a way that is different from anything they have done before. This experience encourages me to accept reality as constant change and to live spontaneously in the present without depending on unnecessary beliefs from the past.

Participatory Research requires perseverance and stamina. It means swimming with dolphins on a daily basis and mimicking their behavior and sounds. It is similar to the way a baby learns to be a part of her family and society — she is silent at first, strengthening her eyes and ears, observing and listening. Gradually she imitates sounds and behaviors from her environment as she learns about life in her family. I am doing the same with my dolphin family. I am learning about them, learning about their songs and about living in the ocean. It is a different way of life, a different dimension, which includes ways of communicating which are at once more complex and more simple than those we use on land.


The dolphins arrive at 6:44 a.m. today. The sun is just rising over the hill and it is a welcome sight after three days of rain. I swim a half mile to the cliff, treading water, waiting, knowing this is Pod C behavior. They usually sonar me, have a discussion and then swim over! Sure enough, I see them now, playing and diving as they come. No hurry. After about fifteen minutes there are eleven dolphins beneath me. I hear soft whistles being exchanged. I wonder if these are the only ones here today as I scan their bodies for identifying marks. They cruise on by.

Dolphin Connection, All Rights Reserved [CLICK TO ENLARGE]All at once three dolphins surface at my side, nearly colliding with me. I am momentarily surprised and then filled with great joy as I recognize my old friend, Exx from Pod A. He is swimming apart from Pod C with Fancy and Ribbon. Fancy and Exx sandwich me between them, and Ribbon swims to the right of Exx. I have to lower my body in the water as we swim, because they are trying to swim over me! They are getting as close as they possibly can. . . . staying with me on the surface, occasionally diving slowly. If I don’t dive with them, they immediately return to my side. When I do follow them in a dive, they watch me with interest while staying in front and leading me down, turning their heads slightly so their eyes remain in contact with mine. They do not spin and circle me the way Bentley and Two Wave do. These three dive sedately together, swimming deeper than I can go.

I return to the surface and they remain cruising along the bottom for a few minutes before floating slowly up, positioning themselves alongside me again. As usual, the dolphins seem very content to have me in their midst as long as I am gentle, graceful, and swimming synchronistically with them. Always aware of this, I match their pace and mood. We swim rhythmically together for two hours, enjoying the benefit of the natural water flowfield we are creating. Occasionally other people come along, but the dolphins guide me away, and we continue our interaction uninterrupted.

Ten dolphins are now below us. I notice a large area of churning water in their midst. Looking more closely, I see a great circle of tightly packed bubbles rising amid a sea of tiny free-floating bubbles, covering an area five feet around. A large eighteen-inch bubble grows out of the profusion of tiny bubbles Dolphin Connection, All Rights Reserved [CLICK TO ENLARGE]As the cluster rises, the large bubble expands and suddenly bursts, leaving a clear passageway of undisturbed water from the surface to the sand below, surrounded by a frenzy of tiny bubbles. I react immediately, diving precisely into this amazing underwater column, surrounded by a foamy bubble-storm. Remaining in place upside down, all I can see is glittering lights sparkling in the underwater sunlight. Dreamily, the six-foot column of bubbles ascends around me. Slowly I swim to the bottom of it and then turn to go up for air while the bubbles continue to drift and pop at the surface. It reminds me of a transportation beam from Star Trek. Beam me up, dolphins!



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