Seminar Group Pictures 2002-2005

Dolphin Sisters Pod 2005

Dolphin Sisters Pod

Intro to Dolphins September 2005

Meet the Andromedans, August 2005 Andromedan boaters, 2005

Andromedan boaters, 2005


Azores 2005

ET Contact Seminar, June 2005

Paola Harris Italian Conference
Cosmic Messages Conference, April 2005, Italy

Peter Russell Seminar

Peter Russell Seminar

DR 2005

DR 2005

DR 2005

Cosmic Chocolate Channelers Pod, January 2005

Whales of Hawaii

Chris Page Group

Holomaniacs, Dec 2004

Holomaniacs, Dec 2004

Holomaniacs, Dec 2004

Sept 2004

Bleepin' Galactic Heart Star Pod

Azores, Atlantis Magdalena Pod

Merging Azorean Spirit Pod

In Pod We Trust wth Peter Russell and Joan

How Wet can Whaleriders Get Pod, DR 2004

Wack-a-doodle Pod, DR 2004

Cetacean Creation Pod, 02.04

Starbeings Krispy Kremes Pod, 01.04

Dolphins of Hawaii Pod, 12.03 Karen Therese Group, Nov. 03

Isaac George & Joan, Harmonic Concordance Pod

Harmonic Concordance gathering

Harmonic Concordance gathering


August 2003, Through the Portal Pod

Portal Podners, 2003, Roy's boat

Portal Pod, Jack's Boat

Portal Pod on Veto's boat

Portal pod leaders

Azores Pod

Peter Russell Pod

Peace Inner Pod

Caribbean Whale Pod

Circle of Love Pod, Carib. 2003

Singing Hearts Pod, Carib 2003

Close Encounters Pod, Carib. 2003

Whales of Hawaii Pod, 2003

Pizza on the Side Pod

Angel Pod, 2002

Sky Ranch Pod

Intro to Dophins Pod, 2002

Primetime TV pod

Healing Sound Pod

Starlite Pilot Pod, 2002

Into the Future Pod, 2002

Into the Future, July 2002

Pod Squad, Bahamas, 2002

Men in sarongs Pod, Bahamas

Into the Future, April, 2002

Breeching for Joy Pod, February 2002

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