August 12, 2003 - Through the Portal

ET Angel, 2002, Jean-Luc Bozzoli.

Every twenty years the Earth's Biorhythms Peak and a powerful Gateway of Light is opened for spiritual groups to access and anchor celestial vibrations on Earth. The previous Gateway years when this occurred were 1983, 1963 and 1943 (The date of the PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT). The new Peak occurred on August 12, 2003. This information comes directly from Joan's benevolent Galactic contacts and relates to a powerful, global, spiritual event for those who enjoy open-hearted sharing, deep meditation and interstellar communication. Dolphin Consciousness was our guide, as we used remote viewing, accessed new paradigms and enjoyed gentle talks around the fire to prepare for and engage in a dialog between ourselves and other loving interstellar cultures. This portal gathering provided an opportunity to experience healing, cosmic wisdom, contact with Star relatives, time travel, visiting our future and deepening our awareness of our innate purposes for this incarnation. We used the Portal to go forward or backward in time. For example, we regressed to access the original blueprint pattern of our cells and then returned to present time reality bringing this healthy cell pattern into our current body. Using the power of pod mind as taught by the dolphins, we were able to contact and meet our Galactic neighbors from Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus and other parallel realities.
In addition to daily contact through the Portal at Sky Ranch, we also swam from boats and the beaches receiving direct transmissions from the dolphins.









2002, Jean-Luc Bozzoli


Dear Friends,

For many years I have facilitated seminars for increasing contact with our extraterrestrial friends in the ocean and beyond. Through their warmth and wisdom, it became increasingly clear that something had to be done to maintain the health and integrity of our beautiful Earth. These spiritually advanced beings, in neighboring time-space continuums are willing to help us. Therefore, we now call upon their loving assistance.

We have been receiving great amounts of their benevolence in the form of light, love, art, technology and inspiration. For example, in the 1940s they assisted humanity on Earth in developing high-tech computers, which led to the Internet, and made possible instantaneous worldwide communications between people of all nations and cultures. There are countless other helpful inventions and messages of inspiration that originate with our extraterrestrial friends. I have been aware of these unfolding occurrences for many decades. Because of this, I am contacting my friends and ( Our ET friends are reminding us that a very special cosmic event is approaching.

On August 12th a huge portal became available for our spiritual community to access. Planet Earth has four biorhythm cycles which peak simultaneously once every twenty years. This has occurred on August 12, 1943, 1963 and 1983 and occurred again on August 12, 2003, when we interacted with this interdimensional gateway to access and amplify the Light of Love for Earth.

This information is relatively new among earth scientists who used powerful generators to access the portal in the past. The use of current technologies for this window-in-time Gateway is inappropriate and unstable. I have been shown that spiritually aware, conscious people on Planet Earth who are humanitarians and Light Ambassadors can enter these fields of energy through group meditation. When this portal is accessed by sensitive, openhearted Lightworkers it will bring streams of loving light onto the Earth plane, and assist our planet in her gentle transformation to higher dimensions. This became possible in 2003.

By generating a planet-wide field of the vibration of Love we entered and explored this space-time portal and met our benevolent cosmic relatives living in adjacent frequencies of light and advanced non-physical worlds. They were awaiting this great reunion between Light Beings on Earth and Light Beings of the greater Universe. We asked all spiritually aware people worldwide to join us in meditation on this special day of incoming Light.

Here in Hawaii we had a special gathering for people who have had ET, dolphin and whale contact previously and were prepared to join us for this magnificent experience of interdimensional communication and consciousness ascension.

This was the most unique, illuminating and powerful seminar that I have ever been guided to facilitate. It is timely in that we were ready for a leap in consciousness and it is futuristic in that it offered us access through a gateway into fifth dimensional reality.

Convening at Sky Ranch, we spontaneously interacted with Celestial Light Beings who had increased their contacts with me over the past 3 years. They are primarily Arcturians and representatives from other Star Nations, collectively known as the Galactic Council. Sharing evenings in our meditation room and under the stars, we communicated with these advanced Beings of Light, and learned about their cultures, history and relationship with us.

Sky Ranch is located on the slopes of the world's most massive and tallest single mountain, Mauna Loa, 35,000 feet high, measured from its base far beneath the ocean almost surface. The latitude of the Ranch is at 19.5 degrees north. This relates to the geometric energy form, the Star Tetrahedron (a.k.a. Merkabah, implanted within the Earth.) This super-imposed Star Tetrahedron action produces a huge upwelling of energy at 19.5 degrees on most, if not all planets in this solar system. It is our geometric transportation vehicle to the stars as we move into the next evolutionary stage — from Duality to Complementarity, which is the geometric form of the dodecahedron. This powerful field of energy at Sky Ranch amplified our contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Swimming from boats, we joined the dolphins, who assisted us in opening our hearts to loving cosmic frequencies. The dolphins also guided us to Light vehicles within the ocean where we remote viewed and communicated with ocean-based ETs.

Our primary role was to establish contact with these spiritual beings and mutually bestow great quantities of Love on Mother Earth. As we accessed this Interdimensional Energy Portal, we time traveled, and viewed the world in the future.


Jean-Luc Bozzoli


Please phone or email if you have any questions.


Phone/Fax: 808-323-8000 or toll free in U.S: 888-755-7750


Your hostess, Joan ~ Joan Ocean


Letters from Joan to Portal participants

May 2003

I am looking forward to our special time together in August when we will have two weeks to experience and interact with the Planetary Portal, an access point in and out of Earth's pattern into the 'upper' dimensions. As a Pod, we will enter a new awareness and experience the 2003 Gateway to our friends the Galactic Communities of Light. The dolphins are part of this Community also. As you begin to fall asleep each night, specifically ask the Highest Beings of Light to make contact with you. A good time to make contact is just before entering deep sleep, when you are relaxed and already in a partial dream state. ASK them to prepare you for the energies of the new Portal. These energies are inseparable from the Divine. Visualize the Golden White Light all around you as you meditate. Already the information, from the Star Beings, is coming through and we are all receiving it as we clear our minds of unrelated, recurring thoughts. The messages from our loving celestial friends come in the form of a deep peace that gently settles upon us, seeping into our everyday life as intuitive inner knowing and a serene sense of purpose. With each day we become more and more sensitive to our world and the beauty of life that lives around us. This is a return to our innate wisdom that seeks nurturing, companionship, closeness, community, true family and interactive consciousness. As we move into this awareness, our interest in the old paradigm of competition and consumerism falls away. We are now ready to create the new spiritual reality that has been our ideal since we arrived on this lovely planet, Earth.

I am writing to share with you, who have enrolled for this experience, some of the details of what we will be enjoying during our time at Sky Ranch, Kealakekua, Hawaii. I have noticed that the interactions with the dolphins since March of this year have become ever more powerful. The waves of love they are sending us in the ocean and in our meditations are phenomenal. Even those of us who have been swimming among the pods for years, are deeply touched by the great magnitude of love and benevolence we are currently receiving. They are looking forward to meeting you in the ocean and sharing their messages of love and joy with you. I am also working with certain boat captains and friends toward organizing a day to travel into deep water and call for the Sperm Whales who live here. These are the largest-brained Beings on this planet with great wisdom to lovingly share with us. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this.

While entering Timeless Reality here in Hawaii, we will swim in the ocean, meditate together, learn about the Interdimensional Portal and its significance for Earth in relation to each one of us. We will be assisted in this understanding by the presence of ET friends including some who are incarnated on Earth at this time and will join us for parts of our Seminar. We will also consider the likelihood that YOU are a Walk-in ET (or perhaps a "Swim-in") who is here specifically to assist this planet at this time in cosmic history.

We will spend some nights under the Stars, so be sure and bring some warm and comfortable clothes and shoes. We are at 2200 feet! Our loving friends from radiant Star systems, the Angelic realms and other planes of existence have asked us to be spontaneous with them and willing to flow with the Energy and expressions of the moment. We will do that as much as possible during our timeless 2 weeks together. As you probably know we are being drawn to this gathering at this time on this planet for a purpose. That purpose will unfold as we open ourselves to our highest guidance and softly share who we really are in the presence of the Angels of the Big Island, the sacred land of ancient Lemuria, the nature spirits, the towering, Hawaiian Ohia trees and the Kona Nightingales (gentle donkeys) on Sky Ranch. As a group we will become very close …. remembering our connections from previous stars and planets. We are not novices. We have already created new worlds. With so much laughter and joy we will clearly enter the Portal and welcome the Star relatives who are overlighting us even now with each day that we contact and acknowledge their presence in our lives.
I look forward with great Joy to our Gathering on August 3-15.

With love, Joan Ocean


Aloha from Joan Ocean, July, 2003

Soon we will convene at Sky Ranch in Hawaii to merge with Nature, the dolphins, ETs and an international and interstellar group of wonderful Star sisters and brothers.

By now you have mailed us your flight schedule, your liability waiver, food preferences and swim-skill-paperwork. We are preparing the menu based on your choices and we are inviting safety swimmers to assist us in the ocean based on your skills in snorkeling.

The extraterrestrial Light Beings from the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus and the Galactic Council have their Light Vehicle in place over the Big Island to experience with us, the expansion of loving energies from the Universal Portal Opening.
Already they are communicating with you. They are guiding your journey, your meditations and your cellular transformation by sending specific fields of energy to interact with all of us. The Portal Opening will take us into the 5th dimension where contact occurs. We will access many advanced realms.
I look forward to enjoying this joyous reunion with you.

As promised, here is a brief look at our SCHEDULE from August 3 - 15. The ETs have told me to be prepared to be spontaneous with what is occurring among us and with them and so this schedule is 'subject to change.'
If you have the time and desire to prepare in advance, please meditate and ASK the loving beings of light, our friendly ETs and Ascended Masters to spend time with you now and prepare you for our gathering in Hawaii in August.







I am so happy that so many of you have chosen to go Into a Timeless Reality with me.

We will go beyond 3-dimensional time into 5th dimension and beyond.

I know you are ready for this or you wouldn't be here. Love is the key to unlocking the portal…..

In my brochure I talked about a Portal, I talked about ETs and Earth's Biorhythms. These are all part of our experience this week.

No coincidences. We have all returned to Lemuria. We have come for this re-union. We have come to enter the PORTAL TO INTERACT with A NEW PATTERN OF LIGHT.

To create a corridor, a pathway between 3rd and 5th dimensions. After Aug. 12 it is to remain open. It is being created with your help and it will change the world attitudes — feelings — dreams-goals in a benevolent and loving way.

You came together here because you remembered that when the time was right — i.e. the frequencies of Earth, the activation of your DNA, the release of codes in the ocean via dolphins and whales. You (we) were to convene and use our loving pod connections to create love, compassion and wisdom on planet Earth.

All of us who are meant to be here have arrived. It is a great reunion. Let us get directly to the work we have come here to do.


Full moon mystics







Joan's offering


A Brief Summary ….

Our group convened on August 3, 2003 to begin preparations for the Portal Opening Day. My vision for August was about coming together as a group and generating huge increments of Love to send to our planet, Earth. The field of energy created by our group process and our camaraderie was an important element of this transmission. In addition, we would contact extraterrestrial relatives from our various star planets and ask for their assistance in this joyful service of love to the cosmos.


Portal pioneers

To attend this seminar, people were required to have previous experience swimming with dolphins. This is because the frequencies of the dolphins in the ocean are extraterrestrial frequencies and those who have been in contact with their energy field are well prepared to contact advanced frequencies of love in the greater universe.


Spinner dolphins

To prepare for the Portal Day, we meditated, swam among the dolphins or whales each day and gathered in small groups to share our personal experiences and feelings. During most evenings, we circled around a blazing fire and remote viewed the Light Vehicles, expressing our wish to meet the star sisters and brothers and stating our desire to be Ambassadors of interplanetary peace while enjoying cultural/social/technological exchanges with them. We asked for the presence in our circle of the benevolent ET friends who are assisting Earth into the Light at this time.


Water portal

Before proceeding with this communication, the group reviewed the best means of interacting with the galactic beings upon their arrival in our midst. We discussed protocol for entering their Ship, how to approach them with sensitivity, what to do if anyone felt fear or confusion, and the importance of the group mind (or dolphin pod mind) in the intuitive, telepathic communication with these intelligent and loving friends. Since the group of people attending the gathering were already in contact, to one degree or another, with their parallel planets and other home worlds, the recognition of our friends and relatives was immediate and blissful.


Portal 2003,  Jean-Luc Bozzoli. Available for sale. CLICK TO GO TO HIS WEBSITE..

It is hard to describe what happened without sounding 'flaky' so I am sorry if there are not really words to express the fullness of the experience. Our intention was very clear and focused to make contact. Soon we were surrounded by a mist of light and higher frequency energy. We felt great love and joy in our hearts, in all the cells of our bodies. You could say the DNA in our cells was activated, because the strand that is interdimensional was awakened. Our bodies became weightless, merging with the environment. Aware of the presence of Cloudships, we experienced a huge Cloudship descending over us and encompassing us all. The sky and the stars were no longer visible. A number of people began to relay the ET messages to us aloud in the circle. The air changed, the animals and crickets became quiet or unheard, while some people had the ability of vision to see entities among us. The Hawaiian elders of ancient times stood behind us with their love and understanding. We became the Lemurian civilization re-uniting here on the island in the Pacific Ocean. At the same time we were aware that what is taking place now on this lovely planet is like nothing ever experienced before. It is an amazing adventure of the Earth becoming a Star while billions of people are on board.

Many of our group were tearful and deeply moved by the ET encounters and transmissions. With each communication we became more united as a group and more loving and helpful in our life together - swimming, singing, sunning, dining, meditating, sharing and walking the land. It was a profound experience of living in the higher dimensions and realizing the reality of life on other worlds and in other planes. We found the Pattern that Connects and we journeyed into Oneness with our ET friends.










Portal, 2003
A Golden Stream of Light sped across my path, right before my eyes only 50 feet high, as I walked to my tent tonight.

"WOW!" I said loudly, although no one was around to hear. This light moved quickly from left to right (north to south) finally curving out of view with the arc of the Earth. The gold stream remained in the sky in a timeless moment before fading away. It was one foot thick and large like a comet with a never-ending tail, parallel to the horizon. It was big and traveled quickly and silently, with direction. It was the Pleiadians leaving their signature in a golden arc in the sky for us to see.Pilot whale with orbs

While in the water I sensed the consciousness of our ET friends in the form of orbs surrounding us as we swam with the pilot whales. These orbs of extraterrestrial consciousness also floated among us during our contact with ET ships (see below).

Orbs around pilot whale


La Plume by the fire.August 8, 2003 - Evening
I told the group we would initiate ET contact tonight. After dinner I took a moment to check incoming emails, thinking to allow the group a leisurely social time before beginning at 7:30 p.m. Penny came to the office at 7:15 saying the group was ready to begin. Happy to hear that the group was so enthusiastic, I quickly changed into warmer clothes, picked up my stereo, music and flashlight and hurried to the upper pasture. Everyone was there, sitting in a large circle around the fire -- 42 people waiting to begin. Their readiness to make contact warmed my heart.

I began by describing the protocol and sharing some previous experiences of ET contacts----giving people an idea of what to expect; such as the importance of using all your senses, remaining in 'soft' eyes, feeling the ET presence, reviewing sounds we may hear, observing 3-4 foot little beings running around, describing the electric blue ships I have encountered, along with falling leaf patterns in the night sky, multi-triangular star formations, etc.

I talked about going on the ship … who would go … and also the "safe space" (in the house) for those who felt unsure - a place for them to go. I shared how to interact with our ET friends, how to observe them, join them (like we do with the dolphins), how to tell them of our desire to be peaceful Ambassadors from Earth. I encouraged the group to tell the ETs about their own lives, and to be a friend, gently asking about the homes and families of the ET civilizations.

I recalled the ET Workshop of a previous year, when rain caused us to meditate on the upper deck of the house. We soon all saw a perfectly shaped UFO right in the space of the sky between the trees in the direction we were all looking. We began to remote view them. Among us was a skilled channeler, James Pinkel and he began to channel their messages out loud.

ET watchersIt was very loving and touching since we were all receiving their telepathic message in our own minds simultaneously. James' verbalization of it, word for word, and carrying great waves of peaceful feelings, relayed aloud to us our inner communication.


I then explained why we sit in a circle and how to identify positions in the sky. 90 degrees being the zenith, 45 degrees being halfway up in the sky and zero being the horizon. We could further explain the location of spacecraft by using the directions, north, south, east, and west.

Then I was silent. It was a beautiful night, with an endless expanse of dark sky and the light of a cloud-covered moon making flashlights unnecessary. Everyone already knew about 6th dimensional cloudships ( Various people in the group began quietly reporting sightings of phenomena in the sky, as we all looked and located them.


ET orbs illuminating
ET Orbs materialize in our circle. (Click for more orbs on

Close up of the OrbI was enjoying the view of our large group. In the smoke from the fire, we could hear the voices of each other but not see or recognize the person speaking… very pod-like. Soon, feelings of a deep expanded awareness came over me, and I identified that sensation as communication from the Galactic Federation. I realized we were already enveloped within a vibrant cloudship with spheres of light all around us. We elevated our frequencies as the ships surrounded us. The energy I felt was immense, soft and loving.

Then Helena began to report her observations of the ETs who were already among us. This turned to channeling their messages. She introduced the Arcturians. Taya also began to report her feelings/observations as she saw the Pleiadians here. Sally began to channel, and then Elaine explained with her usual clarity of voice and vision, the presence of our ET friends.

I sensed the presence of the Galactic Council and was completely immersed in bliss. I listened while others sensed and relayed what was happening around us. Celeste shared the vision she was seeing and others (whose voices I could not recognize) also shared their messages. Helena then channeled a slow, clear message from the ET Ships hovering above and amid us.

In the ensuing silence, I spoke of the feelings of love in our circle. How deeply I was feeling immersed in the rarefied, transformative field of Light of these loving Star Relatives. One woman sitting at my right began to vibrate physically. She could not recall having had contact with ETs before, and was unfamiliar with the deep love she was receiving. She began to shake bodily. A number of people came to embrace her and balance her energies. She was what could be called, "Swooning," with loud, high sighs. At the same time, in her normal voice she was telling everyone "This is wonderful, this is a good thing. I feel so happy, it is beautiful." She was not able to calm down and so, having had experience with this type of anxiety/ energy release, I recommended she rest at the Ranch House which would be out of the ET energy field. Some of the group assisted her and remained with her. The following days were filled with joy and elation for her. It was a major transformative experience for this group member.

We then re-formed the energy of our Circle by toning. The ETs remained and we continued in contact. At about 9:10 I felt the energy field lift up and told everyone that they had departed or withdrawn for now. Slowly the circle opened and the group prepared to depart for their bedrooms. Another woman was also running strong energy on her right side as she sat in her chair. A number of healers worked with her. I covered her with a beach towel for warmth. After 20 minutes the energy was absorbed and only her feet were tingling.

We all look forward to our next encounter. Tomorrow night, if the ETs choose to interact then.


Jack's loving fire.



The group convened at the Ranch at 9 a.m. People were hurrying to make tea, talking among themselves before beginning. Coming out of my office and into the kitchen, I saw there was a problem. People were comforting Celeste. She had just returned from the vet. Seeing me, she burst into tears and said that her dog, Babaji had been bleeding profusely when she awoke this morning. There was blood all over the van.


Babaji, in one form.

After listening to her very sad heartfelt experience, we went to the meditation room downstairs. Jack's group arrived and others. I put on some Constance Demby music to hold the energy as more people heard the story of Celeste's beloved dog. Sitting in our 42 chairs, I encouraged Celeste to explain her experience to the entire group. As she tearfully shared the frightening story of finding huge pools of blood on her bedspread, on the floor, on the carpeting and all around the house, everyone became tearful. Celeste described how Babaji kept sneezing and thereby showering blood all over the walls of her home. We were in shock hearing the graphic details of this hemorrhaging pet. People felt great compassion for Celeste and Babaji and certainly felt love for their own pets as well. Everyone was immersed in deep feelings.


At that moment, I received the message to, "Enter the Portal Now".




"Yes, Now!"

It was obvious that our circle had been brought together in a moment of compassion, love and Oneness. I then led the group into a meditation. In the silence, Celeste began to channel out loud. A beautiful message about letting go of the old, and going into the new. We interpreted the blood as a symbol of the blood of the Earth, and that her dog may be passing from physical form to spirit, and he was here to show us how to release our attachment to physical things and the old paradigm.

I don't recall all that she channeled through, but I knew every bit of it pertained to the Portal Opening. It was beautiful. Inspiring words of wisdom that applied to everyone here.

On the wings of compassion, the entire group was catalyzed through the celestial portal as I narrated the experience. Our love filled the Earth and ascended with us all into Higher Consciousness.

You could say compassion is the pathway. It is the electrical jumping point for contact. I am aware of how powerful both compassion and love are. When communicating with dolphins they receive my thoughts and prayers if an emotional feeling of love accompanies the transmission. They have shown me that the feelings of love and compassion activate the streams of light that leave our bodies as thoughts and enter dolphin consciousness.

When we are experiencing the warmth and bliss of compassion, we have the power to manifest all we desire. Compassion and love are the catalysts and the electricity that create or change reality.

To think about entering the Portal is not enough. To picture it, imagine it and talk about it will not get you there. The key to unlocking the gate is a vibrational frequency that changes your subtle body. You can feel the sensations of warmth, caring, tenderness, spiritual love, empathy, surging throughout your body. The change is measurable.

When groups of people are able to feel unconditional love in the way of the dolphin pods then the group frequency elevates to the higher dimensions.

In this instance, the feelings of compassion in our group elevated us into the Portal, escalated by the peaking biorhythms of the Earth on this auspicious day, August 12, 2003. Did everyone travel through the portal and experience 5th dimensional reality? I'm not sure. Perhaps a few were not experiencing compassion for Celeste. Did they ascend anyway on the wings of the spiraling group energy? They may have. But for the majority of us there was no question about the profound ascension we experienced as we left the lower dimensions and entered Timeless Reality. With great increments of Joy, we encircled the Earth and created a New Reality of Unconditional Love.

After entering the Portal and returning to the Ranch each person spent time alone in nature to remain in the higher frequencies, meditate and write. Soon we heard the call of lunchtime and everyone convened in the dining room to enjoy each other's company.


Sally, Jack & Joan.In the afternoon we met in the shade of the sacred Ohia trees to extend our new vibrational Being, our Portal of Spiritual Love, to the Earth again. Connecting with active crystals around the world, we experienced a massive crystal pyramid above and below the ground. This huge crystal pointing skyward at one end and to the heart of inner Earth on the other end, was resonating with Joan's generator crystal standing in the sunlight. The generator crystal was surrounded by the personal crystals and power stones of the group members. As we moved into alignment with the massive pyramids above and within the Earth, we were aware of the many Pyramids on the planet Mars, closer to the Earth than any time in our recorded history. It will be 72,000 years before we see Mars this close again. We felt the power of the Pyramids on Mars and connected with those pyramids, experiencing the alignment between them, the pyramid crystals here on this Mauna Loa volcano, Big Island, at 19.5 degrees and the Pyramids on Earth especially those in the Yucatan and near Mexico City, The Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Moon (also at 19.5 degrees north) as well as the pyramids of Giza, Egypt and in China.

As we meditated, we entered the golden sphere, and began to experience the golden disk spiraling above us. This was the doorway that took us again into the higher realms and through the Portal Opening into the 5th dimension.Donkeys join the cirlce

Surrounded in this light, we created an energy field with which we could all merge. All -- meaning our group, the dolphins and whales, the Galactics and our overlighting angels and guides. Even the gentle donkeys were drawn into our circle.

We used this Light Beam, applied it to the human chromosomes causing the chromosomes to be rapidly absorbed into the Light, the Sound and Color. They were then transferred to a new state of matter, a higher frequency. Our atoms went into a high spin state and became pure Light.

La Plume in the midst

Since our DNA has ET origins, it is best activated by Sound. People are able to hear the sound of Creation within. This DNA activation is facilitated by the note of "High A" and by absorbing this frequency into the physical and subtle bodies. Our dear friend from England was here to sing us this note. Helena, a channel for famed opera soprano, Maria Callas, sang the Portal and sang our bodies. When she hit the note of "A" we all ascended into higher frequencies. Holding this vibration allowed us to accelerate our frequencies quickly and safely. We entered the Portal of the 5th dimension and connected to the highest Beings of Light.

Consciousness of Matter - Light Encoded Reality Matrix
You can re-create the consciousness of matter. Quantum objects become increasingly granular or refined until they become pure light energy and cease to have mass. They are not of physical reality, but rather of a pure-state energy. This energy is further segmented into octaves of vibration. In other words, this light energy vibrates, and just like music, there are fundamentals and harmonics. The harmonics resonate with the fundamental energy vibration and the whole energy packet sings like a choir - except its voice is light. This singing, if you will, is the equivalent of a consciousness that pervades all matter - every physical object in the entire universe.

Remaining in that field of Light we experienced wholeness, harmony and Universal Oneness. Ascending, our physical and subtle bodies echoed the loving compassion of the masters and cosmic companions who were present. Our ability to give and receive Divine Love, had been elevated to the next evolutionary plane of consciousness.


ETs on Earth


"At the time of the Portal, there is opened a channel of communication between humanity and God, down which the love and wisdom of God Himself can pour to a waiting and needy world. At this time great expansions of consciousness become possible which are not possible at other times. Disciples and initiates everywhere can be aided and stimulated spiritually to take those great steps which we call initiations. Thus we can return with renewed strength to undertake another year of world service."
Djwhal Khul



Solar gate from the Ranch

"Tears spilled from our eyes, as a golden light spread throughout the room. Soon I began to tremble as did many in our group. We sat very still. Slowly the light opened to our inner vision, revealing rank upon rank of angels, masters, and saints. Next we saw a portal of light open to our view, and we were invited to follow Babaji. By this time I was aware that Babaji's form had changed to the most luminous body I had ever beheld. Directly before us was the sun, a radiant orb of intense white light. The central energy began to spin, gathering us into its vortex. Then we were taken into the very center of our solar system's sun. There we were greeted by beautiful solar beings who said they were known as Helios and Vesta.
After we had been taken into and merged with the sun, we were returned back to our bodies. Babaji smiled and assured us that this was the first of many such journeys utilizing our sun as an interdimensional portal. Communicating telepathically, Babaji then gave the maha-mantra: "I Am the Light." As if it were a lightning bolt, a piercing light shot through us."
ANNA, Grandmother of Jesus ……… Claire Heartsong





After the Portal - August 22, 2003

While floating by myself in the ocean today, I had time to review and re-experience the warm feelings of Love and tenderness we shared together during August 3-15.

I was then clearly shown the significance of the Portal gathering and of our part in bringing a new consciousness to Earth.

On August 12, 2003, Portal Day, we were to be the anchors and pillars of Light on Earth to interact with Timeless Reality, and to access a window in time. This intervention involved the following:
Earth and all of her people were to shift to a new level of awareness in order to avert spiritual de-volution. We were asked to be the conduits of Light to change Earth's current, inflexible time line of past-present-future linearity.

To assist the Beings of Light, we were inspired to create a new reality, a higher frequency that would be inserted vertically into Earth's horizontal time line. This would occur as a specific high frequency that caused time to temporarily "stand still" on Earth. This higher frequency would carry the vibrations of compassion, cooperation, wellness, wisdom and Love.

In relation to this the dolphins reminded me of a spiritual technology they taught me in 1978. It was called: 'The Secrets of Sound - Sounds that Stop Time" and it is on page 111 of my book, Dolphins Into the Future.

" …….. a clear, high tone resonated from the speakers (at a California Bookstore). It suddenly felt as if time had expanded. The note seemed to be held for a long time. Then to my astonishment, as I looked around I realized that no one in the store was moving! Everyone was frozen in place, motionless, suspended in whatever position they had been in before the tone began, their bodies and expressions inanimate……
Suddenly the tone ended and everyone began moving again seemingly unaware that anything unusual had occurred. I was flabbergasted! I turned to Tysen (my husband) and demanded an explanation. Why had he just stood there without moving, why hadn't he acted normal? He looked at me strangely and asked what I was talking about. I was frustrated and tried to explain what I had witnessed, but he couldn't understand, and I realized I sounded a bit crazy. Trying to find comfort in a familiar behavior, I resumed perusing the book in my hand, but my mind was trying to comprehend what I had just experienced."

Later I learned that the dolphins called this experience of suspended animation on Earth a "Window in Time."

The Beings of Light were asked to enter our world and assist us with the changes for the Earth. The goal is to positively change our time line progression by instilling a new consciousness which supports spiritual awareness. This intervention has occurred before, such as when the dolphins came into our reality and our history in one moment in Time. (Described in my book: Dolphins Into the Future, on page 161, A New Understanding of History: Dolphins come Through a Window in Time)

It is not done casually or frequently. It is a momentous decision that is analyzed, reviewed and taken into consideration by only the highest of the elders of the Galactic Council or Spiritual Alliance.


"It is I Kuthumi, who speaks.
From the Creator comes a decree
that all shall return to the Divine
Through Intervention of another kind."

There are profound implications for a planet that experiences this intervention. The entire psychological, physical, mental and spiritual collective consciousness of the planet can be changed, reframed and reconstructed.

This type of intervention only follows a request from the inhabitants of the planet itself. On Earth, a decision to intervene was reached for the sake of Earth's evolution and because so many Light workers on the planet were calling for this assistance.

A Galactic decision was reached that the best time to make this frequency endowment was on the day that Earth's biorhythms are all peaking (August 12, 2003). This occurs every 20 years along the Earth time line.

On the Portal Day, a decision was enacted that brought a new consciousness into the Earth plane -- The New Consciousness of the fifth to the twelfth Light Fields. Those of us around the world who meditated and who are here to assist the new pattern in this horizontal timeline are channels of this spiritual consciousness. It flowed into the DNA, the transforming principle of the human form, and activated the interdimensional strands. The goal is the spiritualization of matter. Many advanced capabilities will now be actualized by humanity.

This was the importance of the August 12th Portal activation. This new Light energy is activated through joy, love and compassion. The essential components for the group of Portal Lightworkers to experience was: a feeling of camaraderie among us, a feeling of love and genuine caring, joy and inspiration, and to share common experiences -- meditations, dolphins, whales, contacts with ET spacecraft and loving beings of Light.
All of this was accomplished and we were able to proceed with the Portal Opening and to bring in the New Consciousness on Earth through the process of Vertical Intervention.

Watch what will happen on Earth, now as the old limiting thoughtforms disperse. It is the beginning of the Conversion into Light. The Harmonic Concordance (November 8, 2003) will balance the new with the old.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all who participated. If you are feeling as I am, you were beautifully changed by the process. No longer will we tolerate injustice or fear -- in ourselves or in our world. With inspiring words and compassion, we now create love in action on Earth. It is my hope that our Seminar, Into the Portal, has awakened sleeping memories within you that raises your consciousness and gives you courage and determination to fulfill the particular soul purposes you came here to complete. If the experiences we shared encourages you to be the most loving person you can be, then I am grateful.

Please keep in touch as we support each other through these changes.

With love always,
Joan and the pod leaders

Douglas, Elaine, Jean-Luc, Wayne, Helena, Jack, Celeste & Penny.


Pod leaders


"There's no Matter, as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter." — Max Plank




Roy's boat

Angelika, Jane & Taya


Pilot pod Pensive Anita

We are aware of a huge field of shimmering Light, approaching us like a massive golden-white cloud, a Light-Vehicle of 5th dimensional frequencies.
It is moving toward us now, a Radiant cloud of energy. This is a field of Light energy that is benevolent, compassionate and connected to the greater refined Source….. the Creative Energy of Love. This great Light expands life on a Universal level for the sake of continuing evolution into higher frequencies of consciousness. Feel it approaching, feel yourself being immersed into it…….. within this powerful energy field are patterns that spiral into universal geometries. Advanced multi-universal patterns suffusing our awareness now. Pyramids of Light which are the Gateway to the stars and the form through which star intelligences come to serve humanity……surrounding us with the new Light frequencies, Color frequencies and Sound patterns.
Let them in, let them overlay the new patterns into your DNA. The Universe is now recreating itself. You are the catalyst for this change.


Ascended Amy




















Ann and Suzanne Leanne



Storyteller's birthday Storyteller
"Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in the grass, the world is too full to talk about …..ideas, language, even the phrase 'each other' doesn't make any sense." — Rumi

Bev and Jenny Cheyenne


Deb, Judyth, Lindsay and Nada.



Dean Dolphins moving


The Golden Light will prepare the higher aspects of our soul with the frequency necessary to receive the specialized coding that the dolphins and whales are carrying and are now releasing to us. In the waters, they are activating our interdimensional DNA, transforming us.


Joan Into the Blue


Encoded within the DNA there is an ancient language: the Language of Life (G. Braden).
As we swim in the ocean these language codes are being activated by dolphin sonar. The message is the same in each cell of every person on Earth. We are related to one another and to life itself.



Deb Celeste, Penny, Joan and Helena



Douglas Jean-Luc



Elaine, Sally and Jack Susan, Carol, Alice and Celeste

Fain, Jauanita and Debi Fain & Margo


Na Pali Kai


Capts. Kavika and Jeff Melinda and Jack

Jenny, Leslie, Sally and Penny. Siri in bliss.


Pilot whale splashing us

The real magic will come when you enter the August 12th Portal. Then you may realize that your perception has changed, and that you no longer see things as you thought they were before. In time you will learn to feel and see a pattern behind and inside everything. A butterfly will be a butterfly, but it will be magical. The ocean will be the ocean, but there will be an awareness of sacred inner principle. A tree, a flower, the shape of your hands and body will be the same, but now with a keen sense of universal likeness. It will be real magical, because no longer do you see the blurred surface, chaotic lines, a storm of colors, but as you develop your discrimination, you will discover a world of patterns, symbols, regularities. Call it "Sacred" or "Universal", in time you will learn to recognize, and merge with the inner, entirely self-sustained Pure Principle as it expresses itself in creating the Shape of Life.
— www.



Pilots underneither


Pilots swimming


Leaping Spinner








Once you go through the portal that connects to the fifth dimension, then you may not need to return. It may not be necessary for you to return. There are others who are remaining there to work with this new geometry, this advanced pattern for Earth.










Lilikoi Lemurians
The Lemurians had personal control over the cells in their own bodies, they could exist in the water as easily as on land ...



Sally, Taya and Jenny Douglas and Elaine




Susan Judyth and Norm


Takako Nada, Penny, Katherine and Takako



James the pirate

Amy Wayne-bow


"My mission on Earth is completed for now. I left by spaceship during the night."


Jeff - seriously, folks... Helena's star gaze

Leslie sharing James and Norm


Ships materializing


"We stand, every day and every night, in the very presence of a power so incomparable as to make the senses reel. Happily this power --- the intelligence behind all the marvels of the summer sky --- is a benevolent one. The person who pays attention will hear, deep within their soul, a quiet and friendly voice saying:
'This, and so much more, is yours to share.'


Vernon R. Harris




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