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Today it is well understood that the physical reality that we humans experience on this planet Earth is, in fact, an illusion The basic building block of physicality, the atom, is a microscopic solar system, 95% space and 5% energy. The energy consists of electrons and protons orbiting a nucleus, a vortex of electromagnetic force. Multitudes of atoms are bound together by some invisible cohesive thought, to compose the forms which the human mass consciousness interprets as objects in the physical world. "There's no Matter, as such! All matter originates only by virtue of a force. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind." Max Plank (author of Quantum Theory).

Like all matter in our visible universe, the human body is a cohesive, conglomeration of countless atomic nuclei, each one orbited by varying numbers of electrons and protons (There are about 110 different variations), held together and functioning according to some intelligent Divine blueprint and plan. All things, animals, minerals, plants, and manufactured goods are composed of the same basic atomic elements which are continuously recycled from one thing to another. In this sense all things, humans and trees, rocks and automobiles, are equally alive.The animal kingdom, with homo-sapien having assumed the superior position because of its adaptable hand, upright position, and relatively large, complex brain. As suggested by Max Plank, there is some intelligent cohesive mind animating each unit of our reality; human, plant mineral, substance, etc.This body I call mine and all other bodies of other humans are illusory, yet we all are here on earth to experience this scenario. We have agreed, unconsciously, to accept certain limitations of perception. We have agreed to live and interact as if all thought forms are solid. And so it has been for at least as long as our current earth civilization has been developing. The real you and I are not these physical bodies which are born, live for a brief time, then return to basic atomic elements, but we are immortal spirits directly connected to the Oneness of Universal Mind - God. We are God experiencing Earth reality.

This is a big responsibility to accept and most of humanity has been content to live a lower level of consciousness, limited to mind, intellect, sensual pleasure, and emotional response. There is nothing inherently wrong with such self limitation, but it does prevent one from experiencing an infinitely richer, more rewarding life on earth. The low level mass consciousness is also leading humanity toward self destruction.

Throughout history there has been a minority who have chosen to seek total reintegration of their physical, mental emotional selves with the Spirit while still embodied. Some are born with the desire. Sometimes it develops later. Surely, Divine Plan and Angelic intervention are involved in many instances. Each evolutionary path is unique and is perfect for the particular spirit involved.

In my own case, the Divine Entity we call Jesus was and is a primary guide and roll model. To me, his primary message while incarnate was, "What I have done you can do also, and you can do more." Jesus demonstrated for me that the physical laws of earth science and the human conditions of fear, conflict, pain, suffering, and death are real only to the degree that we agree to accept them. Jesus, as well as other enlightened Masters before and after his embodiment, have demonstrated and taught in various ways and to various degrees that everyone has equal potential to remember and to restore our Divine Rights and Powers. This is our blessed opportunity, now, here on earth. Each one of us is, in fact, moving toward this goal of ascension in our own way and according to our own Divine Plan. My own path has developed in a unique way, a portion of which (not eating) I now share with you.


From time to time individuals have requested that I share my first hand experience with the practice of breatharianism - living on air and light and prana. Joan Ocean, a special friend of long-standing has offered me space on her website.

Twenty two years ago I attended a seminar conducted by Wiley Brooks, a self-proclaimed breatharian. Though his message seems absurd to most people, it immediately rang true for me. I had been exposed to the concept of not eating through the previous ten years of extensive reading in the fields of health, nutrition, and spirituality. As owner of a large health food store in Hilo, Hawaii, I had followed a policy of knowing the products I stocked and sold, including books. I personally experimented with many nutritional products and various health practices. During those years I drastically reduced and altered the types of food consumed. Meat (all flesh), was eliminated, as was most highly refined foods, sugar products, most breads, milk products, and highly salted-spiced foods. Due in large part to the influence of health enthusiast Paul Bragg I also engaged in regular fasting and colon cleansing. By 1982 I was ready for the lessons of Wiley Brooks. Among the practices Wiley recommended as transition diet was the consumption of yellow foods, only: corn, papaya, cantaloupe, orange, egg yolk, butter, pumpkin, etc.

For me the next 22 years witnessed a series of fasts, during which I drank diluted grape or other juice, I interspersed with periods of eating a simple and sparse diet of solid food. My longest fast was one of 40 days. Other fasts varied from 30 to 3 days. When eating I usually ate once daily and skipped eating totally one day weekly. I would exclusively consume only 3 or 4 specific items for days, weeks, or months. These foods were not chosen for any claimed nutritional value but rather for simplicity, purity, digestibility, and for non harmful effect to my body. By consuming such small amounts and limited variety I was able to note specifically how my body reacted to each food. Often, precise pains, skin eruptions, mucous excretions, and bowel disorders resulted from consumption of certain foods. Fasting would quickly eliminate such deviations from optimum health. Without much guidance or social support I have slowly made progress toward the goal of existing exclusively on air and light. Fortunately, for most of the past 20 plus years I have lived alone, thus avoiding the potential problem of coping with a mate with different life style. I was, however, performing regular, often strenuous work in the course of supporting myself financially. I never experience hunger and rarely feel tired or weak. My body and breath produce no offensive odor. The occasional meager bowel movement also produces little odor. My blood pressure is usually 110 over 60 or less, heart rate is 60, and temperature is 2 to 4 degrees below 'normal'. The body is strong, flexible, supple and mostly pain free. Cuts, injuries, and insect bites heal quickly without medication. To me, these indicators are reflections of an efficiently operating human bio-system which I have helped create, and for which I am grateful.

About 6 years ago I first read Jasmuheen's book, Living On Light. She recommends a 21 day transition fasting regime to achieve the state of breatharianism. She believes that her technique prepares one mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as physically for transition into states of higher consciousness.
With Jasmuheen's wisdom and that of Hilton Hotema, Leonard Orr and many others (including Jesus), I now understand more fully what it means to live on light and how we obtain vital energy directly. Ascended Masters have long taught that breatharianism represents the final physical condition toward ascension. Other conditions in descending order are: liquidarianism, fruitarianism, vegetarianism, and carnivorism. No judgment is intended by me.
Previously, my technique failed to adequately consider the vital connection of body to spirit. Body, mind, and emotional aspects had been relatively easy for me to master and control; Raising my level of spiritual awareness sufficiently requires more focus and practice.

I believe that we are spiritual beings experiencing the physical earth realm. The physical is but a small part of who we really are, yet it is vital. It is mainly prana (spiritual essence) absorbed from air and light which sustains us, body and soul. Consuming physical food is a choice the human makes. It is a very inefficient and ultimately destructive way to glean cosmic energy for apparent physical sustenance. Without question, I have personally experienced the harmful results of eating. The only difference in consuming 'food' and ingesting other admittedly harmful substances like chemical and radiation pollutants and drugs is the degree and immediacy of harm induced. Harm to the physical aspect is mirrored by harm to the other human aspects of mental, emotional, and spiritual self. Fasting restores natural balance and health. If degeneration has not been allowed to proceed too far, fasting can cure virtually any dis-ease distress or diversion from optimum health. I have personally experienced the miraculous healing and enhanced awareness effects of fasting.

Totally eliminating the practice of eating is unusual but not absolutely unique. There are other breatharians living today and records exist of humans having lived in excellent health during decades of non-eating The cases of Sister Theresa Newman of Germany and Giri Bala of India are well documented. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is currently studying a 64 year old Indian gentleman who does not eat. The agency would love to be able to eliminate food and the subsequent waste products from its space flights.

For me personally, living on air and light and vital cosmic energy is an integral part of my quest for cosmic (Christ) consciousness. I believe that we all have this potential. I believe that body, mind, emotion, and spirit advance together as one unit. As body becomes more clean and pure; mind becomes more calm, quiet, and focused; emotion becomes more mature, sincere, and spontaneous in expression; and heart (spirit) becomes more loving, compassionate, and god-centered. Physical and ego needs become less and less compelling.

I have resisted sharing publicly my unusual life experience until now for several reasons. For me, my journey is incomplete and may always be so. The path alters continuously. Evolvement never ends. Technically, the non-eating state has been imperfectly achieved, so who am I to tell others. Nevertheless, having survived in excellent health for 22 years on perhaps 5% of average American caloric intake and perhaps 1% of food variety must have proven something of potential value to share with others. This is my hope.

Another reason for previously having chosen anonymity concerns the response I often get from individuals with whom I have shared my story; disbelief, disinterest, judgment, and even ridicule A typical question I often encounter is, How do you get your protein?" It seems that most people believe that consumption of flesh and other high protein substances provide tiny building blocks of some sort from which the human frame is constructed. I believe that food consumption only releases qualities of stored cosmic energy which stimulates hormones and organs to initiate and sustain life processes. The body produces and maintains itself through the wisdom and vitality and memory of living cells. The vital blood system, with its miles of veins and microscopic capillaries distributes vitality via gasses and liquids, not solids. This marvelous blood system also collects and disposes of wastes generated from constant cell growth and replacement. The lungs and the skin feed and clean the blood through the process of respiration. The large intestine carries away most of the solid waste.

Analysis of the human body shows that it consists of 65% oxygen, 18% carbon, 10% hydrogen, and 3% nitrogen. A total of 96% of the human body is made from these four elements, all of which are available in the air we breathe. Excess carbon and oxygen are even eliminated by the breath in the form of carbon dioxide. One can also say that the body is about 70% water, since most of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms are combined in this form of molecule. The other 4% of body mass consists of 37 trace minerals, all present in ocean water. If one felt it necessary he/she could take a sip each day or immerse themselves in ocean water where the minerals could be absorbed through the semi-permeable membrane called skin.

Chemically speaking, the hydrogen atom, with one proton and one electron orbiting a nucleus is no different from the other 100 plus chemical elements except that the other elements have more protons and electrons orbiting each nucleus. These 100 plus atomic elements comprise the physicality of all substances of earth and cosmos: rocks, trees, animals, buildings, airplanes, etc. Atoms do not eat nor do molecules eat. I believe that food does not supply basic building blocks nor is it necessary for supplying the life force which animates human cells. The human body is capable of transmuting one element from another and of absorbing life force from air and light.
Consuming food is not the optimum method for supplying polarized energy to sustain life. Often, the energy required for processing physical food through the digestive system, to say nothing of processing drugs, medicines, toxins, and pollutants is more than energy potentially available in the food source consumed. After a big meal what the body wants most is sleep.

Over-consumption of physical food also signals the body that the entity involved is desirous of storing extra energy for some possible future deficit of intake. This extra fuel, or stimulant, is converted to a substance called fat and is integrated into body bulk. The heavier frame then requires yet more energy to transport itself from place to place. It has less flexibility and less desire to exercise and breathe fully, so the degeneration process accelerates toward pain, disease, and death.

Another reason that I haven't previously shared my personal experience and beliefs is that I do not desire attention for doing the unusual, whether it be in the form of praise or ridicule or anything in between. My main life goal has been and remains to be Christ conscious and constantly connecting to the Oneness of the Creator. Living on light is one aspect of my particular path toward this goal. My pathway is not superior to those of others who endeavor to accomplish their own unique missions in this reality. I share my story now because the time seems right. A growing part of humanity is awakening to its Divine Potential. May this information be of benefit to you.

The amazing human body with its programmed bio system is a blessed gift. Trillions of complex, interrelated, interdependent processes are functioning in cooperation and in harmony every second. I believe that the optimum way to provide what is required to maintain this marvelous bio-machine is through deep breathing of pure air, by ingesting pure water, by absorbing cosmic rays through the skin and retinas of the eyes, and by consciously absorbing spiritual prana through the chakras. It has been demonstrated that wearing eyeglasses, especially sunglasses, blocks essential solar rays from contacting the retinas, with degenerating consequences for the body. Doctor John Ott explains this phenomenon in his book, Light and Health.
Currently, I gaze at or toward the sun during the first 30 minutes of sunrise. I do this while swimming in the ocean each morning. During this 30 minute period of solar ray absorption plus another 30 minutes of vigorous crawl stroke swimming I am breathing deeply and rapidly. This hour of sun-gazing, deep breathing, physical exercise, and ocean water immersion provides more than enough cosmic energy to maintain this body and to sustain it through 8 or more hours of strenuous physical activity, like clearing the jungle growth where I live.

Some of the practical advantages one may experience by not eating physical food include: 1. Excellent health and extended lifespan [Lab rats have lived 2 to 3 times normal rates on minimum caloric intake]. 2. Large savings of time and money. 3. No need for kitchen, stove, refrigerator, fuel, utensils, toilet, etc. 4. Less of no need of medicines, drugs, doctors, hospitals, insurance, etc. 5. Clear mind, pure body, and emotional peace. 6. Less trash generated - bottles, cans, etc. 7. Few, if any, rats, roaches, and ants in house. 8. Spirit sours and latent powers awaken. Potential disadvantages might include: 1. Breaking traditions, social mores, and habits. 2. Alienation of family, friends, and coworkers. 3. Lack of ongoing food experiences on which so much social conversation revolves. 4. Lack of emotional satisfaction based on taste, smell, and eating out scenarios. 5. More time for potential boredom. 6. One less substitute activity for avoiding resolution of emotional disharmony.

One justification for eating at least a small amount involves the poor quality of the living environment presently existent on planet Earth. Most humans are able to survive for a period of time in the devitalized, polluted atmosphere because their bodies have adjusted to a lower level of vitality to match external conditions. This automatic adjustment toward "immunity", like receiving a vaccination , causes the bio-system to operate at various levels of low-grade sickness consistent with the environment. The body usually doesn't immediately die, but vitality is reduced and lifespan is probably shortened. If a healthy human living in a relatively pristine, isolated environment were to be suddenly transported to a modern city, sickness and even death might result. The body needs time to adjust. This phenomenon caused mass exterminations when Europeans and various indigenous groups first made contact. Breatharians also face this challenge.
I recently spent two weeks in Houston, Texas, my first trip out of Hawaii since 1995. After one week, bloody mucous was exiting through my nostrils each morning. Most likely, the body was eliminating air-borne toxins. This condition cleared after a few days back in Hawaii. Had I stayed in the city longer my body might have adjusted to a lower level of health.

Breathing, without question, is the most important physical practice for maintaining physical life. Without breathing life ceases within a few minutes. By contrast, most any human body might survive for months without consuming solid food and a week or more without taking liquid. Of course, many individuals might die more quickly minus food and water because of fear and mistaken belief. Death by starvation is real.

Severe lack of oxygen can cause people to feel weak and dizzy. Eating food will not relieve this condition. Consumption of the drug sugar, like the ingestion of other potent drugs, might produce a temporary feeling of awakeness. However, such enhanced animation is usually followed by an equally dramatic drop in energy. Thus, sugared snacks, coffee and various pills enable a human to limp and muddle through the day.
Deep breathing, on the other hand, produces real and sustained energy enhancement. Athletes, such as runners, swimmers, and bicyclists breathe deeply for sustenance; they do not eat while performing.Chronically insufficient oxygen intake, whether from shallow breathing, polluted air, or physical impairment reduces vitality, stresses the human body, weakens defense mechanisms, and ultimately shortens life span. The average human utilizes perhaps 25% of his/her potential lung capacity, thus robbing the body of vital oxygen. The oxygen and life force which are collected by the lungs passes through membranes into the miraculous blood system of veins and capillaries, to be distributed to every cell in the body. This same system removes the waste of depleted, replaced cells and carries it to the eliminative system. Human skin performs a similar function of respiration.

I believe that the amazing human body with its self regulating, self restoring, self maintaining mechanisms, when unimpaired and undamaged, is able to live forever - has the potential for immortality. There are documented cases of humans having lived for hundreds of years. Some are still embodied. I suspect that all non-traumatic death is self induced, whether consciously or unconsciously; whether quickly or slowly. One way that humans accelerate the death process in through the consumption of solids.

In my opinion, eating is a freedom of choice and results from: 1. Intentional and unintentional misinformation. 2. Habit and tradition. 3. Social need and social pressure. 4. Substitute for emotional upset. 5. Paradoxically, the fear of dying. 6. Learned sensory enjoyment.
Whether eating or not eating a human can benefit from the daily practice of deep breathing clean air, especially when combined with physical exercise. If possible, it is good to expose the body and the eyes to sunlight, daily. One hour of these practices seems reasonable. Drink clean rain water, filtered water, of distilled water. Avoid drugs, medicines, pollutants, and any other powerful substances, if possible.

Be aware that you are directly connected with and an essential part of Divine Creation - God.
The precious physical body has been loaned to you for experiencing earth reality. Mind, emotion, spirit, and body evolve and ascend as a unit. Attend to all aspects of your Divine Self equally.

You are serving a vital role in the Cosmic Blueprint. Love all life. Be eternally grateful. I love you.

Aloha, Jack Davis


PS. As of December 2005 Jack's diet is fruit juice only, about 1 qt. daily. Along with fresh, local oranges, papaya, and occasional other fruits. Once or twice weekly he also eats one small avocado.

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