Sepetember 13, 2001


Dear Ones,

My thoughts and love are with you as we go thru these times of dramatic change together. Perhaps your hearts are feeling heavy as we consider where do we go from here? How can we help? What is our role as spiritual leaders? What is the meaning of life? Why has this happened? What is the true significance of these events of September 2001? What do our kindred spirits from other Star systems and Realms of Light think/ know about the events on Earth? Why don't they intervene? Is this the Millennium of Peace?

These and many other questions fill our minds.

Long ago we came here because we knew that the Earth and humanity would need some guidance along the path that was to unfold. We knew the dolphins and whales were already here for that purpose. They have been quietly swimming with us, preparing us. And as Light Workers, we have been preparing ourselves. We have opened our hearts to more love, we have taken responsibility for our own lives and choices, we have meditated together to use the power of Love to bring Peace and Joy, we have left the old paradigms to enter the healing and teaching/counseling professions to ready ourselves for what was to come. We did this on Faith, not really knowing what was ahead. It was an "unknown," yet to be revealed, as the vibrational frequencies, regulated by human thoughts and emotions, fluctuated from year to year and day to day.

Our thoughts and feelings create a vibrational field around the Earth that effect her health and ours. Right now, there are many feelings that are changing and growing. There are feelings and thoughts of Love and Fear. In the end, there are only those two.

The path of Fear leaves us confused and inactive. Stricken, staying in our bedrooms/homes, hoping it will go away. Fear makes us feel alone, separated from others, estranged, sick at heart, physically sick, hopeless, out of it, dazed, scared, insecure, loveless, depressed, and some of the rest of the feelings you have been having. It is okay. It is understandable to feel that for a while. You came here to merge with the human race here and become like them, that was your job. You did it well. Be kind to yourself. Allow your emotional feelings.

Then say -- enough is enough and I will now continue on my path of Truth and Joy which is truly who I Am. It is time to shine that Joy to everyone.

The path of Love returns peace to our hearts. We remember to tune in and fill ourselves with the Light of the Creative Source. We begin to turn toward the world again and give love to others. We re-evaluate our lives and decide what we would like to change in Light of the new times we have just entered. In Light of the new work we will be called upon to do. We turn away from some things that no long serve us, we take on others. We affirm with courage and faith:

I Am a Being of Light and Love. All that does not serve me in the Creation of Love here and in the greater Universe is now removed from my life gracefully and gently. I Am fulfilling the work I came here to do. And I Am Grateful.

In our spiritual reality, it doesn't matter What we think other people are doing to us. Or Who is doing it. Or Why they are doing it. Let those who are here to work through their karma in the three-dimensional reality deal with those issues. Clear your mind of all that verbiage. You are here to understand and relate to the Higher Truth. To remain confident that all that transpires is lovingly overseen by our Creator and we can rest in that knowledge. There IS an ultimate purpose. You are part of the solution. Let the "problem" unfold, taking its own path, while you send Love to everyone and everything. Remain in readiness. Actively instilling Love wherever it is needed.

As always, I look to the dolphins and whales to understand the bigger picture of expanded reality on our planet. What are they doing today? They are swimming among us as usual, sharing their love and wisdom, bringing us Joy. Even in the face of great upheavals they do not lose sight of their inner peace. And they are vibrational beings, who feel frequencies all around them much more than we on land do. They are well aware of what is going on. They can feel the anguish, the fears, the doubts, the instability, the anger, the confusion. They are not outside of this 3-dimensional world. They came here to be a part of it as we did, for this time that we are beginning to experience now.

No matter what has been done to the dolphins in human history, they still ride the bow wave of our boats and approach us as we swim. No matter what happens to them, they give back only Love. How can they do that?

They know there is a larger picture than what the human race can generally see. They remain focused on the bigger picture while living in the little picture.

This larger picture reveals a universal purpose for these events. Even looking at the vibrational impact alone, it is evident that huge amounts of congested karma or energy have been released on a global scale. The perpetrators of these events are the pawns in the greater plan of planetary clearing. Did the beautiful souls who departed so suddenly on September 11th, incarnate here to serve the planet in that way? Think about it. As spiritual people, we know we came here for a purpose -- to assist the planet into Light. Did these souls have that same purpose?

And what purpose did they serve? They created an outpouring of Compassion pinpointing a very specific population, necessary for the survival of the Earth. They served as catalysts to awaken the masses round the world… causing individuals and nations to evaluate their responsibility and love for each other. They tore thru the veil of darkness around the earth creating a permanent opening and served as light beacons for those who follow.

I feel it is just beginning. Our work has now begun. What is our work? To hold the Love and the Truth as the dolphins do. To keep that Light shining so brightly, nothing can dim it. This is a time of great testing of our true spiritual resolve. There will be so many temptations to fall into the 3-dimensional story. To be tempted as Jesus was from time to time to just take the easy, non-confrontive road. To slip into fears and doubts and lose our light in the process. And what did Jesus (Sananda) do at times like that? He meditated and asked God for strength. And it was given Him.

We are part of humanity, we may slip into these habitual feelings from time to time but that is exactly when we must pull ourselves up and out of those old beliefs. What are we here for?

We are here to focus on the positive, to see Beauty all around us, to love people and animals and the Earth, to love each other and ourselves. To develop our dormant potentials as Masters of Universal Love. We are here to stay connected to the Universal Source-God/Goddess and be channels of that Light now on this planet. We are here to communicate with the interplanetary civilizations who are standing by to amplify our transmissions of Love and assist the Earth.

No matter how bad things may appear on Earth, it is important to remember that all of this has a purpose. As the waves of emotional reactions from these events impact the Earth's field of energy, the vibrations of the Earth, shift and we assist humanity into an evolutionary process of growth -- taking us into higher consciousness. It is such an important time -- a time when you need to keep the larger reality of what is occurring in your hearts. Not everyone you know is aware of these changes, nor do they need to know. Share among yourselves, share with those who ask for help and are listening, meditate together and keep focused on your higher purpose. Talk with your Guides and the Ascended Beings of Light. Ask for assistance every day. Before going to sleep at night, give thanks for the loving support around you. Do whatever it takes for you to remain happy, including relocating (to Nature and serenity.) Happiness is the path to evolution.

There will be more events unfolding that will be placed before us via our televisions. Always remember that these are three-dimensional interpretations of the three-dimensional world. We can be in that world when we want to, but if the words and visions of it, cause our higher visions to waiver, cause us to feel sick, then turn it off and focus again on the Light, the Source, the Beauty in Nature and in People. Be mindful not to get pulled into the reality that is built on fear. It is a very small part (5%) of our real world. Our real world is one of Light and Beauty that exists as we open our inner eyes and become conscious of the higher dimensions, which encompass the greater part of reality. Although we may not always see it, the big picture is there. Through your love, it begins to out-picture on our planet. We are immersed in it, a part of it, and Love surrounds us at every moment no matter who we think we are. You are Illumined and Sustained by the Light of Love always.

I love you,

Joan Ocean

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