& WEEK TWO; OCTOBER 2008, APRIL 2009, APRIL 2010



Computer rendering by Jean-Luc based on description by MRS.

On Easter Sunday, April 12th, the day we arrived, there was an ETV hovering right next to the campground in the dark.

The wife of the campground owner (Mrs.) walked out on her porch. Her view from their elevated porch is of the nearby river. This river borders the campground and last year during flood season, the river washed away the front steps of the Cabins we rent there. That is how close the river is to us.

Across the narrow river there are forests and meadows that are unoccupied and remote. The area is inaccessible. No one lives there except the Sasquatch (as we know from our years of contact with their calls and gifts they leave us at the cabin.) It is common knowledge in the area that Bigfoot lives there.

Standing on her porch, Mrs. suddenly noticed a huge oval object hovering just above the trees, nearby. She was startled and looked closely, unsure of what she was seeing. The yellow and orange dancing lights appeared to be a fire in the trees and she prepared to call the fire department.

As she looked more closely she saw it was some kind of hovering vehicle, huge, oval with round ends on both sides and a window or series of pulsating lights mid-vehicle that in the darkness were very bright and looked like fire.

She called her husband to come see but he had dosed off in his armchair and drowsily told her she could tell him about it tomorrow. She watched it a long time before it disappeared, moving away from her into the trees.

The Mrs. was happy to tell us about this unexpected visitation and we were filled with anticipation to see what the rest of the week would bring.

Each night we travel to the deep woods where it is dark by 8:30 PM. As we settle in, I mention that the dogs are barking tonight. Everyone listens. The barks seem to be tracking the Sasquatch as they move in the distance from west to south to east. Each location causing a new group of excited dogs to bark wildly.

We sit quietly as the fire burns brightly, waiting for it to burn down low enclosing us in the darkness. Then we hear an eerie lamenting sound to the west as the Sasquatch people begin to call. No one speaks (Later we talk about the initial nervous apprehension upon first hearing the "weird" trilling sounds.)

Everything is quiet for a while. Then from the south we hear a series of howls, vibrato, pulsing, followed by long high-pitched wails. The wailing goes on and on as we all listen. I am filled with joy to know our dear Sasquatch friends are nearby. The men are a little 'concerned'! (They tell me later.) Having heard the sounds for the first time and realizing they had never heard anything like that before, it sounds frightening in the darkness.

Soon quietness returns. Then, as if the Sasquatch people are taking time to move to a new location, we hear them (and the barking dogs) in the east….A few more lamenting, siren sounds and then all is quiet. It is a practice in concentrated listening to discern any small sounds nearby and to differentiate between deer sounds and raccoons and squirrels. It is an experience we enjoy as we sit quietly together in the clean forest air with the aroma of pine trees and flowers. What flowers are there? We don't know of any, but we can smell them and they are fragrant and add to the pleasure of our deep forest experience. On the picnic table we have gifts of food for our Sasquatch friends.


The most unusual one is from Jon who brought a six foot

trunk of a sugar cane tree for them to enjoy eating. It's organic!! And they seem to prefer natural foods.

Ather sees white lights and a red one. Now we are looking in the direction he indicates and watching in the light of the fire for any movement. Tonight I had planned to take the group Dream Walking and they were interested in going. But since the Sasquatch are already making contact, I mention that I will not do it tonight so we can remain alert to look and listen. Everyone nods in agreement.

We remain immersed in the surrounding feelings of Sasquatch sounds. Later that night, back at the Campground, we all hear their sounds from our cabins. JL & I have the heater on in our cabin, so sounds are muffled; the others go outside their cabin and listen for a half hour before going to bed.



At 5:30 AM I awake with a start. Instantly fully alert. There they are! Sasquatch calls coming from right outside my cabin. I hear JL stirring up in the loft.

"Jean-Luc, do you hear them?" The calls continue. A series of hoo-hoo-hooooo with variations. There are 12 calls one after another. Then they become silent.

I have had the growing suspicion that this signifies the completion of a Dream Walking experience they have just led me through. In looking at previous notes, I know that I hear these sounds at night when it is still dark and I become suddenly fully awake. I think these sounds are to awaken me back into my normal 3-dimensional life, after having been out-of-body with them.

Where did we go? What did I see? This time I cannot remember.

The next night at 7:00 we plan a hike in the Sasquatch woods in this lovely balmy weather. Our 3 men guests saw hundreds of goldfinches in the trees by their cabin today. (Later Bob learns the significance of this.) At the fire in the woods we experience incredible thermal winds, some blinking lights too. The winds come and go, picking up momentum as they approach us. Ferociously they blow all around us, and yet not a hair on our heads moves. The trees and leaves are still, while the wind howls. The strong winds are not cold, they move on for 15-30 minutes before circling back. We are all amazed, silently listening. Certain we are going to be blown off our chairs, but nothing touches us. This continues on and off all night. It is very mysterious.

We move into a group Dream Walk with the Sasquatch people.
There is an amazing sense of peacefulness and contentment among us. As if we have sat in circle like this, together, many times before. A feeling of healing and deep connections. The quietness, the crackling fire and the love of the Sasquatch people surrounds us.

WEEK TWO - APRIL 19, 2009

Driving to the Campground in the afternoon, we have dinner and depart for the forest at 8:00 PM. It is just beginning to get dark. We gather wood and build a nice fire. No rain. Clear skies, no clouds, cold. We are all feeling good. Our spirited group overcomes their tiredness from hours of traveling and remains alert and attentive.

Elisha tells a story of her 4 month long relationship with an injured deer… and how it improved and eventually took its freedom. It lulls us into a gentle, trance-like state as her love for this deer flows out. Then we become quiet and listening to the sounds of nature.

I can almost always tell when Sasquatch are nearby and I am not picking up their vibes tonight. To determine their whereabouts I ask my friend, Helena if she would like to sing. She is delighted. Her softly ascending tones and then piercing high-C harmonies fill the dark night with tenderness. She is feeling her love for them and expressing it beautifully. After 5 minutes, Beth and I both hear the response of the Wise Ones. They are mimicking Helena. High and pure, far away.

Tonight we have circling winds again and some of those sounds cover the trilling of the Sasquatch, but attentive ears can hear them.

Soon Helena, Karen and Elisha hear them as well. Their call is repeated twice… So beautiful….. haunting.

After 20 minutes of silence. Elisha begins softly singing melodic (Native American type) chanting. We are enthralled, as the natural beauty of these tones surrounds us in the dark.

Again after she finishes, the Wise Ones respond, and we are filled with appreciation.

With the fire blazing, the smell of pines, the sounds of the Sasquatch in the distance, this has been a good night of introductions between them and us. We return to our cabins to have a good nights' sleep in this peaceful setting.

The next day I play recorded sounds of the Sasquatch people. The group is fascinated to hear the same whistles and croons that we heard in the forest last night.

One morning, I hiked along the riverbank to find a good meeting place on a balmy 80 degree day. Soon I come upon a great flat rock where we all can sit close to the fast flowing river where many fish are jumping. But when we go there for our afternoon meeting - other people are using it for a fishing spot. We find another nice place and set up our canvas chairs. Immediately we hear the Sasquatch calling us. Hoo-Hoo-Hooooooooooooo. I answer; mimicking their call. A moment of silence while we all listen……..Then they respond in kind. We all have smiles of recognition on our faces!! Now Elisha duplicates their hooting using her clasped hands encircling her mouth. She sounds exactly like them.

Another moment of silence. Then they respond to her. Elisha answers back.

Now all is quiet. They wanted us to know, they are here. They see us. And that we chose the best place to meet with them. We decide to meet at this same riverside location tonight. JL feels he can get a fire going there and he collects wood for later. We spend the afternoon enjoying the warm sun and learning about Sasquatch, telepathy, inner Earth people, the Vikings, underground E.T. bases, hybrids, infrasound and ultrasound, Choctaw tribes, healing and dematerialization. Everyone has much to share.

At 8:00 PM we meet and go to our riverside location. JL makes a great fire on the 50 ft. shoreline of dry pebbles. Our fire is close to the lapping river. Tonight the river is flowing serenely. The catfish make endless swirls in the water. Other smaller fish leap up to catch bugs. Some underwater boulders cause the water to bubble and churn. It is a lively river!

We place our chairs around the fire and ready our blankets, gloves, hats, scarves for when the temperature drops. It is not dark yet and so we thoroughly enjoy the expansive view of the sky, the waving spring leaves, pale green in the tree tops, the soaring buzzards lazily circling above, with out-stretched wings riding the currents of air.

It is so peaceful and healing. Humans and nature together in perfect harmony.

As the sky begins to darken I am happy to see the huge Big Dipper directly above us with our orange-colored Arcturus nearby. Soon we see Orion's Belt and Sirius. Lastly the bright stars of the thousand-cluster called Pleiades shines into view. Our home planets are all represented tonight.

We also see many planes going by with their white and red strobe lights. Seeing some half-hidden by the tree tops, I study them. No, these are not planes. These are pure white lights that are traveling in circles, forward backward up and down.

I point them out to the group. As if responding to our awareness of them and our interest, more and more appear. Trees on both sides of the river have darting white lights the size of baseballs. It is the Sasquatch lights as they astral project, coming to greet us in a way we can accept and enjoy. I remind our group of the Wise One Medicine Woman's words when I asked her what the white balls of light are: "They are Dream Walkers, called Astral Projections by you" The Sasquatch are masters of astral projection. The lights remain far into the night, fascinating us as we communicate with them.

Just as it becomes totally dark, we hear a vocalization by a Sasquatch. It is near us, right on the river's edge where we know they live. It is a loud chortle, followed by a series of mumbles and whistles sounding like a long sentence. Then it stops. JL and I are very impressed by that call since it is different and closer than others we have heard this week.

Throughout this night, we hear intermittent Sasquatch sounds as we watch the lights and also ET vehicles hovering high in the sky. Some have tiny lights going in and out of them (scout craft?) They are as high in the sky as the passing satellites.

The next day we stop to see a pile of rocks and a mound that Helena found interesting while she was hiking. As we stop along the road, I realize we are in the exact location of an animal mutilation scene I found in 2005. Three beautiful, full-sized and fluffy grey wolves were dead and laying ceremoniously in a circle in 2005. Taking the group there, I am surprised to see there are still wolf bones scattered around. Being granted permission and with much prayer and ceremony, we collect the bones from this deathly site and bring them to my friend, Susan's land where we honor them and give them a good resting place. Elisha invokes the angels to lend their love and blessings to the spirit of the wolves and to us. We give thanks for the beauty, strength and wisdom of the wolves.

That night I am awakened from a dream in which a wolf put his front paws on my back and shoulders and then wrapped his front legs (arms) around me, hugging me. It feels like a Blessing. Wolf Medicine now enters my life through the words of Bob who wrote to me in an email: It was as if their spirits wanted you to lay them to rest. You were truly honored to render them that service. And then to have that dream of the wolf slipping through the bars of your room to signal you from behind in a loving embrace--truly another honor. In the Sundance Tradition the wolf "is the keeper of one's personal path with heart, the teacher of children and of how to make and keep committed relationships. The wolf is the teacher of the Path with Heart; the teacher of beauty, leadership, wisdom and healing. The wolf never takes the wrong path. It has the discipline necessary to stay on a difficult path and the wisdom to know when to deviate from it. The Walk of the Wolf requires us to break the old pattern so that we can find our path, our way, our beauty."

I feel the presence of the wolf in all of our meditations and walks in the woods. We now have this special guardian and friend to accompany us.

That evening we have a wonderful dinner prepared by my friend who lives locally, Susan. We sit outside on her land at the picnic table.

As it gets dark we move to the fire circle. Susan is sharing with us her past experiences with the Ancient Ones. I think she is happy to be with people who feel as she does about the Sasquatch people. We all love hearing her stories.

Suddenly we hear a loud strange sound calling repeatedly. What is it? Susan and I look at each other questioningly. It is like nothing we have heard before. It comes from the north side of the property, right behind our parked van, very close.

It is like growls without the sound of "g" at the beginning. It is coarse, nasal and very loud, repeating itself a dozen times, as we sit wide-eyed. "RawwwwRawww Rawww. It is deep, not a bird, not a small animal. To our ears it sounds threatening (although it may not be). Someone says it sounds like a large creature giving a warning message to a small animal. Soon everything is quiet again.

Then suddenly the same sounds repeat again about 6 times followed by quietness. We listen for any rustling in the woods or other accompanying sounds, but we hear none.

Then we hear scuffling footsteps to our right (the west). Is it a group of deer? Then the sound of running, pounding. Susan and I both clearly hear the sound of something leaping in the air and coming down hard. We hear this leap behavior twice more. Very odd. Normally startled deer would quickly run away. But whatever this is, seems to be panicking in a circle. It is too dark to see. Beth feels uneasy and moves her chair closer to us. We hear nothing else as we continue to enjoy Susan's stories about her life with the Wise Ones. The only sounds audible now are the forest creatures eating the nuts and chocolate we left them on the picnic table.

Late at night, we end with a prayer of Thanksgiving to the Sasquatch, saying we are willing to Dream Walk with them tonight. We pack up and depart for the campground.

The next day I play all my recordings of Sasquatch sounds for the group. There are none exactly like the ones we heard last night, but some of their recorded sounds at the beginning of their sentences sound similar…. especially the adult male voices.

Throughout the weeks we were there this April; we continued to hear Sasquatch vocalizations and to experience their powerful presence near us as they telepathically communicated to us. It is a fascinating experience to have an intimate relationship with this civilization of people without the need to see them or photograph them. We all continue to allow the Sasquatch people to take the lead in developing this mutual friendship. We are willing to proceed as they choose to be with us and to teach us many metaphysical and advanced capabilities in the field of communication. There is so much more beyond seeing with our eyes. And during these weeks some of us did see them and all of us experienced their more subtle presence as our understandings from their teachings grew and our feelings of love for these gentle people was reflected back to us during waking hours and dream states. Many personal and profound experiences occurred to each of us as we spent time in the home of the Sasquatch.



When I first met the Wise Ones in 2005, they suggested I take random pictures of the forest and I would find them in my photos, showing up among the trees. For the first few years I took many pictures and saw nothing but trees and tree stumps. I soon forgot about what they had said and I stopped scrutinizing my photos for signs of the Sasquatch. But today, while placing my photos on my computer, I noticed some unusual looking trees. Zooming in on them, I saw a distinctive shape in the woods taken on two different occasions
Here are the originals and the enlarged photos.

What do you think?


From the place of untold wonders, Joan Ocean


& WEEK TWO; OCTOBER 2008, APRIL 2009, APRIL 2010


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