& WEEK TWO; OCTOBER 2008, APRIL 2009, APRIL 2010

of the Ancient Wise Ones
Friday, March 23, 2007

We leave a day earlier than planned because I am longing to be back in the forest.
Checking out at 9.50 a.m. we drive north according to the Wise One's plan for us. We are going to learn about Birdman today. Researching this in advance, we know of the ceremonial artifacts, buried with the honored leaders, of half man-half bird mystical beings. In the archeological reports these are believed to be mythical stories and symbols. However we believe that the Medicine Woman of the Wise Ones has left this great teaching for the end of the week - as we are more prepared. We are filled with expectation and open to what will unfold. We feel that Birdman is a most significant part of their life. Birdman as revealed by the Medicine Woman is a powerful shaman of the Ancient Ones. There are effigies of Birdman in a number of small museums.

Around eleven o'clock in the morning we enter the Information Headquarters at the location given by the guidance from the Wise Ones. Looking at the glass-enclosed artifacts and the extra-large epic books of Pre-Columbian Cultures we find Birdman effigies featured in one of the volumes. Many pictures and copper carvings and shell art of a half bird-half man figure are cataloged. This is all new information for us.
When we have completed looking at the photos in the books, we walk over to the nearby mounds.

The Mound Builders were the leaders in the old civilizations of what is now the USA. (Months later we learn that famed psychic, Edgar Cayce has an entire book with his accurate messages about the mound builders) The trading/religious and elite leaders of this pre-Columbian location lived over a large part of America from the Gulf of California to the Gulf of Mexico, north to the great lakes. There were approximately 2 million people here 3000 years BC. They were successful traders, co-operating for a peaceful and rich life style. There were no wars, no violence. They understood they were one with nature. They were a part of all the elements and life forms of nature and they revered life.

Messages between villages were (believed to be) sent via writings on special left-handed open couch shells that originated in Florida (and were brought there from Florida). These shell messages were the insignia of the elites to confirm the messages came only from them. These unique conch shells were of an unusual strength and fiber to allow these engravings.

Jean Luc and I leave the tourist building and walk outside. We see a number of mounds, some are 30 feet high, some are low and barely noticeable. The height is believed to be created because living within certain cycles such as every 52 years families would burn everything they owned including their clay and grass homes and then rebuild a new home atop the old. (There are practical reasons why this was a good idea at that time.)
However some of these mounds were temples for the Council of Leaders.

I feel myself being drawn to this ancient site and want to immerse myself in the energy. Setting aside the brochure, we begin to circle the temple Mound. We then come to a bench for sitting upon and for becoming quiet. Jean Luc lies down on his back on the grass. I have my back to the Mound and we are looking at a one-acre field of dry grass that has small mounds around it.

I retrieve the crystal cluster from the Medicine Woman that is in my pocket, while Jean Luc holds the white stone he received from her. We close our eyes, enjoying the mild weather. A loud bumble bee flies around me during this entire experience. Tuning in, I make my connection to the earth and to the Ancients and ask for Birdman - to reveal his presence to me.

As I go deeper and deeper, a form comes into view. I see someone with full length wings, with a human body and head with a large beak. Birdman is responding to my call. Telepathically he reminds me of his time in the physical plane on Earth in this place.

The field I am facing once contained a huge earthen structure (mud, rock, crystals etc.) that was very high and had a flat top. It was like a temple.
It was the place where Birdman lived and/or manifested.
He could be seen up there, many stories high on the flat platform, by the people who lived in the surrounding community here. He counseled with the Ancient Ones, the astute leaders …. and decisions were made for the good of the people. It was beneficial, loving and spiritual. The decisions were based on Advanced Wisdom from the Source (God).

When their council sessions were complete, Birdman could be seen ascending, using his wings to fly into low-lying clouds. He demonstrated this to me, giving me a picture-image of his history, as he was telling it to me. I felt like I was remembering it. It seemed familiar to me.

I believe the elder leaders of the people were aware that Birdman was in consultation with many more beings who were part of his advanced civilization beyond the clouds. At some point in history, the massive cloud that would appear above the temple began to thin, allowing people on the ground to see a huge structure standing stationary in the sky above the temple/mound. Soon it was common knowledge that the Shaman, Birdman, resided among his own people in the sky, over-seeing the Mound Builders on Earth.

The populations on earth were not encouraged to become "worshippers", but to avail themselves of the advanced knowledge of Birdman, to become avid scholars and earthly stewards with human, animal and elemental species, with galactic forces, electro-magnetic fields and the cycles and powers of the sun, wind and water.
The people welcomed the family of Birdman, sight unseen, and everyone lived for the good of the tribes people, being equal and loved.
This was Creator-centered and in soul-contact with physical and non-physical beings. (Including the ancestors who had 'passed on' and yet remained to give wise counsel to the masses.) This was symbolized by the re-building of new homes on top of the ashes of the old homes.

When Earth people died, their soul aspects remained available to confer with family members. The community leaders' souls remained in spirit within the temple to advise the new leaders. It was a spiritually-centered life.

According to the Wise Ones the spirits in the bones of the elders of the Ancient Ones, were interred within the layers of earth, renewed by cyclical fires, and re-construction of the Mounds, the homes, the Temples. The time of re-growth (the spring Equinox) was revered, as ancient wisdom streamed from all the plants, births, new councils, returning constellations, at that propitious time in Earth's cycle. The constellation containing Orion's belt was seen directly above them in the sky at this time. This was the place of origin of the Ancient Ones. People lived their lives in deep oneness and kinship with the Earth, the elements and the Sky people.

Now Birdman showed me one more piece of the story. He gave me the view of him/herself as he entered the space vehicle above the clouds.

Upon entering the reception area of the great floating disk-shaped structure, he was met by his kinsmen on the ship. They were very tall Nordic beings, handsome of face and human-like. His form as Birdman changed. He let me see that he was one of the Starpeople and he was a Nordic as well. To work kindly and sensitively with the Mound Builders he appeared in a form they accepted as part of their mythology. He was part bird and part man. How appropriate! How inspiring for them.

The people loved the humanitarian Birdman and eventually, when the people were ready, the huge floating disk in the clouds was lowered into view, hovering above the flat roof of the temple, allowing the Mound Builder leaders and medicine people to enter. There they sat in counsel with the spiritual Birdman tribe and continued to pass on their wisdom to all the people who resided in 'North America' in those ancient of days.


The journey was over. As Jean Luc and I opened our eyes and he stretched and stood up, the bumble bee became quiet and flew away. Side by side, we walked directly into the now empty-appearing field and across it to the far side, wishing to feel its magic again. It was the place where once a huge Mound existed, now physically removed, but visible in etheric planes.

As we stood there, still surrounded by the beauty of the Birdman people, feeling the peacefulness of a spiritual life in deep contact with Nature; a wind suddenly came up, blowing hard, flying open our jackets, tossing our hair and refreshing our upturned faces. It was a good wind with a flowery fragrance floating around us. It came up so suddenly out of nowhere and as we inhaled deeply, we received it as a sign, a welcome, a hello….. We looked at each other, smiled and said nothing. There was no need for words.

Thank you so much dear Ancient Ones, dear Sasquatch friends for this experience we share in common. Thank you for dream walking with me. More wind now, blowing my hair in my eyes, blowing the pages off my notebook, announcing the presence of Birdman…

Throughout this revelation I experienced being there. It was occurring Now. In the way of my friend the Medicine Woman and the Ancient Ones, we were Dream Walking. The past and the present had no separation. I easily traversed them both, Dream Walking into other dimensions.


& WEEK TWO; OCTOBER 2008, APRIL 2009, APRIL 2010