& WEEK TWO; OCTOBER 2008, APRIL 2009, APRIL 2010

Sasquatch April 2008
- Week Two

APRIL 20 - 26, 2008

Excerpt from one night with the Wise Ones ….

It is our last night in the forest to meet our Sasquatch friends.
Sitting around the fire, people are restless, not settling down for a while. The night is cold, since we allow the fire to burn down to embers for better night vision. We dress in more layers: hats, gloves, scarves, zippering up as we prepare for hours outside.

I speak aloud, an Invocation, requesting their presence, confirming our love and trust in them. The group nods in agreement.

Soon after 11:00 PM I hear heavy footsteps crunching in the dry leaves, approaching us. Above us at 10 - 12 feet another white light is circling, unblinking around us. We remain quietly watching as it slowly weaves among the trees.

Are we Dream Walking? It's hard to tell the difference. I move into full alertness. No I am awake and I hear someone approaching. I barely breathe. Glancing at the rest of the group I can tell they hear it too, no one is talking or moving. We listen and look, but all is black around us. I can't even see Jean-Luc across from me and I wonder if he is not there. Maybe he left to go to sleep in the van as he sometimes does. Then suddenly the embers allow a small flame to leap up, and I see Jean-Luc and everyone is there…. sitting around the hot coals, frozen in place. Their faces wide-eyed with wonder.

Now we hear more big footsteps coming towards us. A momentary question: Is it a family of bears? There are no growls, no heavy breathing. Our hearts beat quickly.

Now a huge hulking figure is directly behind me. The sounds of walking stops. I feel one tall huge Wise One. standing silently. He blocks the breeze from me. I feel the warmth from the body. I don't turn around. He is right there. Occasionally he shifts on his feet behind me and I hear the crunch of twigs underfoot.

As he stands there I am aware of the presence of other giants circling us, the sound of hair brushing against itself as their legs move and walk, some right behind us, others twenty feet away, into the woods. They stop, they move. My heart begins to beat normally again. They are not here to frighten us. They are here to join our circle responding to our invitation.

I feel so much love for the group with me, these dedicated women who feel an inexplicable love for the Sasquatch people, as I do, as Jean-Luc does. Each person is special. Although Yukie has a terrible cold and has been sneezing and blowing her nose, now she remains silent. Helena begins to fidget in her chair. I softly shhhhh her. She is quiet. Elaine, Alletta, Jean-Luc are all totally motionless. We listen and wait unable to see anything in the dark, moonless night, letting the Wise Ones set the protocol.

I sense that the Wise One behind me is now stooping down on his haunches, relaxing, resting his arms on his knees. He/She is close to my face and a little behind me. He seems to have decided we are safe and we are not running away. He stays.

For an entire hour, maybe more, our friends remain with us. Sometimes they move around, walk away and then come back. Always one stands directly behind me. Some come down to our height by resting on one knee. Is it Tishoma? That is the energy I feel - young, strong, tall, healthy, kind.
When the footsteps walk toward the picnic table I tune my ears to hear any sounds of rustling paper, the wrappers on the food. It helps me identify who is there. Raccoons? Foxes? Squirrels? Bears? The Wise Ones are neat, animals are clumsy and noisy.

In the silence, I picture them looking at the table offerings we left, but taking none of it. There is a note I left saying it is for them. A banana, apple, jar of honey peanut butter, cookies in cellophane, a Larimer rock from the Caribbean.
Alletta left a plastic bag with organic dried cherries, nuts and chocolate, scooped from the bins at Whole Foods Store in town. Later we find, this was the only thing they chose.

Soon they walk back to our circle. There seems to be 6 or 7 close to us and many more on the periphery. Tentative at first they become more bold as they see we are in control of our emotions and we have no flashlights in hand. The fear dissolves. We are all relaxed and yet unmoving, attentive, hearing every sound and waiting to see what will happen next. We are listening for any sign, any sound, so as not to miss anything. We don't run away as other hunters and researchers do. We stay with them. We experience as a group a break-through in contact!!! We hold our ground. No talking, no fidgeting, no thoughts, no fear.

The Wise Ones are taking the initiative. We wait, willing to have the experience they are choosing. They are the ones who decided to come AND reveal their presence to us. We trust and love them. We are willing to go along with their plan for the evening. This is how it must be. They have decided they can trust us. They are staying with us.
I talk telepathically, thanking them, welcoming them.

All at once a message comes through from them:

"We came knowing you were here this week
We came knowing this is your last night here
We came knowing you have no guns
We came knowing you will not shine flashlights at us
………….. We came to Honor you."

I feel their love as I hear their words.

I realize how important it is to release our dependence on flashlights. I remember past encounters in 2005 with other people who promptly aimed their light in whatever direction there was a sound. Once we actually saw a wolf in the light. "We shape-shifted," the Medicine Woman told me. (into a wolf).

But mostly, at times like that, we saw nothing. The Wise Ones would anticipate our behavior and disappear immediately. I realized this desire to shine a flashlight is often to overcome fear and distrust. An indication that the people were not ready for the encounter.
Now focusing again on the Wise Ones around us, I search in my mind for the vibes of Sasquatch children among our visitors. There aren't any. Immediately they mentally show me their children back at the underground home with some adults. The Wise Ones often surprise me with their ability to read my mind instantaneously and respond.

Apparently tonight it is the adult Wise Ones who agreed to come and meet with us. It was a mutual decision. Some of the Sasquatch people are here as well. How kind. How dear, how wonderful of them to risk coming and to come as gently, as softly as possible, trying, hoping, not to frighten us……. While at the same time, they absolutely wanted us to know of their presence.

They came in 3-dimensional reality, in their physical Earth bodies.

Suddenly Helena's flashlight drops out of her pocket onto the ground with a clatter. We all inhale sharply, hoping this won't cause them to leave.

Helena then tries to find it in the dark, leaning over around her chair and swishing her hands in the dry leaves, searching for it. She finally succeeds in locating it, and then turns her flashlight on!!

The darkness is pierced by this light and I say softly - Ohhhh, Shhhhh. She turns it off quickly and becomes still, quiet, hardly breathing.

They are still here. They don't leave. I think Helena amuses them. They seem curious about her. They know her intentions are good. An hour has passed.

At some point there is more movement as the footsteps begin receding slowly into the woods.

I feel the loving Wise One behind me move away, walking to my right…. A feeling of gracefulness for such a large body. Now I feel cool air as his protective body no longer shields me from the night breezes.

It becomes obvious to everyone that they are leaving.

Wordlessly, we express gratitude to them for joining our circle
As we hear the many footsteps in the dry leaves retreating, we remain quiet and unmoving, relishing the lingering field of love and appreciation around us. Absorbing the experience, unwilling for it to end.

All is totally quiet now. They are gone. We remain silent, deep in thought. Filled with sincere happiness.
After 20 minutes we pack up our chairs and leave for our cabins.

As we drive back to the campground, everyone is elated, fulfilled, in a place of Gratitude and ready to sleep deeply until morning when we leave for our respective flights home.


unexcavated mound & petroglyphs



* Handfuls of pebbles thrown onto the roof of our cabins at Campground.

* White lights. Also two red ones moving at the edge of our circle.

* Elaine sees a distinct blue ball coming toward her right when she is by herself in the dark. She is startled and while trying to look up and see what it is, she looses her balance and falls over backwards. A moment of hilarity!

* Distant Sasquatch sounds -- a variety of growls, sighs, hooting, and whistles.

* Distinct, large bare footprints of Sasquatch in the mud around our cabins after a heavy rain.

* Fascinating Dream Walking and telepathic contact.

* We see an ETV in the sky. Very clearly.

* We hear Sasquatch or Wise Ones calls every morning waking us from our sleep.

* They gift us with their physical presence for an extended period of time.

* We receive a message to the group sent to us via telepathy. This appears to be their preferred mode of communication. Our written notes are not answered in writing this week. Perhaps because other people have been coming round to read the notes and make some of their own. Or it could be that the Medicine Woman is not here this week. She is the primary one who will communicate with written notes to us.

* They eat the organic food but not the packaged foods.

* One evening when we arrive later than usual in the forest, it is already dark. Usually we arrive before sunset because we need to find dry wood for our fire. Picking up some sticks and branches as we walk to the fire circle, we are surprised to find a big stack of wood already waiting for us. Someone has collected it for us and stacked it neatly. What a wonderful gift.

* Two seedpods are teleported inside Alletta's tent at 4:30 AM and fall on her. This of course is impossible. Her tent has no holes and is entirely enclosed, but she has the physical seedpods to show us. They dropped right on her, waking her, as she slept.

* Jean-Luc's hat was tapped by a young Sasquatch one night as we sat in the dark. It was a playful little one. He heard her coming and standing behind him. Then she seemed to want him to know that she was there.

* Another time, Yukie's jacket was gently pulled back off her shoulder right when she was trying to put it on. A feeling of their playfulness and sense of humor is being communicated to us as they feel more comfortable in our presence.

* Elaine experiences the Medicine Woman's father, Andan and sees many Orbs.

* A number of us had the sensation of the trees moving….. not their leaves, but the trunks of the trees. Often the Sasquatch or the Wise Ones will stand behind trees to watch us in the dark. The trees are narrower than they are and so when heat lightning suddenly flashes in the forest, we can see images of them concealed behind the trees. This however did not seem the case on these nights. We had no rational explanation for this phenomenon in which the large tree trunks seemed to sway like cartoon animations.
Each person attending this Sasquatch retreat experienced personal phenomena and incredible Dream Walking contacts with our friends. I did not share their stories here.

Some of the messages from the Wise Ones to Joan during this week were suggestions that she study:

- The historical and spiritual significance of Orion
- The prophecies related to Orion
- The migrations of the Mayans
- The artifacts of the Mayans and the Sasquatch
- The actual role of the Mounds and the identity of the Mound Builders.


It is understood that following (uncovering) these hidden facts will lead to a greater understanding of the Sasquatch/Wise Ones' civilization, in preparation for sharing their extraordinary culture with the human race; and would bring to light some of the hidden truths about the origins of humans, our relationship to each other and to other Star Nations.


& WEEK TWO; OCTOBER 2008, APRIL 2009, APRIL 2010